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a vanilla-scented resin from various trees of the genus Styrax

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To the same end, Section V of Bai's essay refers to Tang Shenwei's Zhenglei bencao (1082), the Song-era pharmacopoeia, which catalogued numerous accepted uses for frankincense, liquid storax, costus, myrrh, cloves, benzoin and nutmeg.
Storax, it turns out, is a resin produced by a number of tropical trees of the family Styracaceae when their bark is injured.
This was supplied and installed by Storax Racking Systems.
Whitehead's varnish is made up of a mixture of ether, iodoform, benzoin, storax, and tolu balsam.
of orris root, ground nutmeg, ground clove, gum benzoin and powdered storax.
Some essential NWFPs found in Turkey are resins; resinous wood; storax of Liquidambar orientalis; leaves of Laurus nobilis L.
For sales, spare parts and service from April 1 on both the Gram and Storax lines, contact Gram Equipment A/S, Aage Grams Vej 1, DK-6500 Vojens, Denmark; telephone: 45-73- 201700; fax: 45-73-201701; e-mail nwj@gramequipment.
I will first cite from the former, Ecclesiastes 24:20-21: "Sicut cinnamomum et balsamum aromatizans odorem dedi, / quasi myrrha electa dedi suavitatem odoris; / et quasi storax, et galbanus, et ungula, et gutta, / et quasi Libanus non incisus vaporavi habitationem meam / et quasi balsamum non mistum odor meus"; and, then, 39:17-19: "In voce dicit: Obaudite me, divini fructus, / et quasi rosa plantata super rivos aquarum fructificate.
As for the red hot rod, the avatar must have surreptitiously washed out his mouth with heat-absorbing liquid storax, a moment before performing the trick.
The firm's refrigerated facilities feature -20 [degrees] F storage capabilities; state-of-the-art Storax mobil racking systems for efficient, higher capabilities; quick freezing and extreme low temperature freezing, blast freezing; receiving, warehouse and auxiliary services including USDA inspection services, refrigerated truck and rail docks and U.