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the area in any structure that provides space for storage

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The concept for Boxme came about, when the co-founders connected over a common issue of not having sufficient storage space to keep some of their goods at home.
Traditionally, each server had its own storage space which was attached locally and was used within the local networks.
The G Cloud app provides 1GB free of storage space via clouding service to save SMS, contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, music and videos.
The group said occupancy - the amount of storage space rented out - rose by 4% in the year to July 31 and prices increase by 4.
Moser Baer's USB Flash Drives come embedded with an innovative MyZone feature which enables user to demarcate his personal and public storage space with a password, making it ideal for enterprise users.
My wife uses one of these scooters and the idea came about when I realised there was a real shortage of storage space.
Sundays, with two storage spaces to keep their sports wheelchairs.
Enhanced with 350 color photographs, this thoroughly "user friendly" instructional reference includes professional tips for organizing, storing, and otherwise making the most of the available space in any given room; ideas on effectively and efficiently organizing closets and other closed storage spaces; tips for clearing clutter room by room; advice on archival storage (safekeeping important documents and photographs); handling and preserving heirloom be they fabric, china, flatware or glass; and where to find seasonal and "bonus" storage space.
All Army organizations have unlimited storage space for files and can use AKO to create groups and share information.
Good Shepherd Centres, Food line Cold Storage upgrades; Purchase and installation of freezer and cold storage space $85,000
In the same way, a non-ILM Distributed Backup system can waste valuable storage space.
The property, in Coleshill Road, Chapel End, offers a retail sales area measuring 500 sq ft overall plus storage space.
What they end up with is a data archive that is crammed to the bursting point with communications that are irrelevant to the business and which are simply taking up expensive storage space.
Forty-three percent of storage space in Welsh museums is in a poor or worse condition, a recent report has revealed.
has announced that it is providing its e-mail subscribers with more storage space, irrespective of the specific service they are on.