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the area in any structure that provides space for storage

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The recent addition at Sunnyside offers 105,000 s/f of storage space in two multi-level buildings equipped with ground-up, state of the art construction, climate control, 24-hour surveillance, drive thru loading dock, and over 1,500 storage units.
But self-storage companies also benefit when workers lose jobs and start to downsize from a home to an apartment or move in with family to cut expenses, creating an instant demand for storage space.
Server A runs an Oracle database and needs 90GB of storage space from one disk in the storage cluster.
The most common criticism of modern British homes is the sheer lack of space, particularly that of storage space.
The Moishe's Storage Space Estimator calibrates the cubic feet of the items, suggests an optimal-sized storage space, and offers customers a price quote.
To save storage space when demand doesn't change doesn't wash as a concept,'' he said.
Total quantity or scope: Paper storage space and cleaning, de-dusting and information resources.
MF: We've answered the question of storage mapping and how it impacts in NAS, I'm wondering about other efforts that Microsoft is looking at in the mass storage space.
In the meantime, Debra Sass, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Water District, said sharing pipeline and storage space probably would not be a problem.
This high-performance product compresses the storage space by shrinking the file data typically to a third of the original space.
BT announced new offer for its broadband customers to buy more cloud storage space.
But not so with apartmerits and even in new construction there is woefully inadequate storage space.
SANs are fully scalable, fault-resilient shared data repositories providing unlimited mixing and matching of storage devices, storage space, and even files (under certain conditions) across the enterprise network.
Inside the truck box, a locker would run down one side with compartmentalized storage space underneath and the top doubling as a sleeping platform.