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a medium for storing information

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70: An apparatus comprising: a holographic data storage medium; and data pages stored on the holographic data storage medium, wherein each data page comprises a unit of data written to the holographic data storage medium, and wherein the data pages are organized as chapters on the holographic data storage medium, each chapter comprising contiguous data pages.
This means shifting data between storage mediums in an effort to provide the ideal levels of access, protection, and recovery at the lowest possible total cost.
Media obsolescence occurs when the storage medium used (e.
DLTIce customers have a cost-effective and compliant electronic storage medium which supports:
You can reduce the storage and operational costs associated with data retention, and reduce the cost of compliance, by matching the storage medium to the access and performance requirements corresponding to the business value of the data.
Data within an accounting database, for example, must be moved by the policies within the HSM software to the appropriate storage medium without affecting how that data is integrated into billing or other accounting procedures.
Indeed, the predictable rapid evolution of NAND flash density from 256 Megabits (Mb) in 1999 to 8Gb in 2004, is playing a major role in its becoming the new primary storage medium for portable digital products.
The amount of data a laser can read or write depends, in part, on the laser's wavelength, its ability to focus the smallest possible diameter of light on the storage medium, and the precision with which the light is focused.
Standard DVD-Recordable discs use a photosensitive organic dye as the data storage medium in their recording layer.
With the advent of high-definition TV and the storage challenges it produces and other large file backup requirements, the need for a 100GB to a 200GB tape storage medium has risen in the last few years," said Tomohiro Yoshizawa, worldwide manager of sales and marketing for Otari.
Samsung expects NAND flash applications to expand from current applications in digital still cameras (DSCs), MP3 players, and 3G mobile handsets to mobile and digital consumer appliances, as NAND Flash becomes more widely recognized as a reliable, high-density, data storage medium for the widest range of consumer demands.
Sony UMD Disc is Not Recordable -- The Sony PSP has a proprietary storage medium called the UMD (Universal Media Disc), which produces DVD-quality images and audio but is not recordable or writable.
The second benefit of using UltraCopy is that it enables the consolidation of multiple disk or tape backups to virtually any other removable storage medium.
Komag is a leading independent supplier of thin-film disks, the primary high-capacity storage medium for digital data in computers and consumer appliances.
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