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a storage compartment for clothes and valuables

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The storage locker is just one of the experiments designed to help Walmart continue to thrive in the age of e-commerce.
The paper said it was found in a storage locker in the San Fernando Valley last week and that a comic collector who originally sold the book to Cage verified its authenticity.
The good professional spray operative will want to safeguard his health, and to comply with Health & Safety rules, by storing his ready-use materials in a secure manner - hence the Airflow Safety Storage Locker.
American Locker is the world's premier supplier of secure storage lockers under the American Locker Security Systems and Canadian Locker brands.
The remaining available square footage is being converted to 1000 units of self storage and will be operated by Storage Locker Plaistow, LLC.
Andrea Giesbrecht sat silent, expressionless and hunched over as she made her first court appearance -- via video feed from the women's jail -- in connection with the six dead infants found in a Winnipeg storage locker.
Several baby corpses were found in a storage locker in Canada.
Five hulls are available, with forward casting deck with storage locker, and aft bench seat.
The seller claims the 33 items, which range from a crystal bra and choker by Dolce & Gabbana to a sparkling necklace bearing the word 'SEX', originally came from a storage locker in Los Angeles where the hotel heiress was keeping them.
HIDDEN HILLS - For wine connoisseur Harlan Gibbs, it wasn't enough to have 500 bottles of premier vintages stashed in a temperature-controlled storage locker.
has won a Silver Industrial Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week for its Storage Locker.
There's something eminently reasonable about such sociological claims, but they narrow the field of events (actual or imagined) down to a storage locker for self-fulfilling prophesies: Vera Cruz parallels the formulation of Eisenhower's Third World counterinsurgency strategies, The Magnificent Seven offers a blueprint for their implementation in Vietnam.
Robinson and the Jim Henson Company has reached the dimensions of a storage locker and can now extend slowly - and, truth be told, rather phallically - over the first few rows of the audience.
I had to load my belongings into a rented van, and it took three visits to the storage locker, where I threw everything in and locked the door.
A wide variety of storage locker and bike rack types are available, and properties are free to determine how much to charge for their rental and all other policies governing their use.