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(computer science) the assignment of particular areas of a magnetic disk to particular data or instructions

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With new insight capabilities organizations have increased visibility into storage allocation and utilization.
Like their SAN and NAS counterparts, IP-SAN offers useful and cost-saving capabilities, such as: dynamic storage allocation (expanding storage on the fly); RAID striping and mirroring (for increased performance and reliability); snapshots (for fast backups and restores, as well as near-production development); Replication (block-level--only the changes are replicated locally and to the remote site).
IT organizations must evaluate more than storage allocation to servers to satisfy and create a robust enterprise storage infrastructure.
DCSS allows automatic storage allocation and enables users to align service levels with the changing business value of content, thereby reducing the cost of unneeded access speeds and uptime without sacrificing performance, data protection or compliance to minimize storage costs.
We investigate the claim that static views of program usage frequencies are insufficient when they are used for storage allocation decisions making it necessary to study the implications of the use of dynamic frequencies in storage allocation.
Determining storage allocation is challenging when designing new construction for single-family housing.
On mainframe systems, for example, "externalising storage and deploying tools that automate storage allocation have the potential to increase utilization rates by between 10% and 30%", says analyst Staff Zaffos at Gartner.
Storage capacity for the MP40 is 10,000 measurements, grouped in up to 1000 blocks with dynamic storage allocation capability, Fischer reports.
3 is now even more tightly integrated with SANpath and provides IT Managers with an intuitive, easy-to-use "drag & drop" user interface for managing storage allocation operations, and also adds HP-UX, Linux, Windows 2000 and Netware to its list of supported platforms.
FileTek's Volume Storage Allocation and Control (VSAC) software manages data and storage allocation automatically according to user-specified attributes.
In "Lisp Systems in the 1990s," Layer and Richardson explain that a Lisp system contains a programming environment with debugging tools, a storage allocation module with a garbage collector, a compiler, an interface to foreign code (e.
As with memory management and e-mail, storage virtualization seeks to simplify unwieldy tasks such as setup, storage allocation, load balancing, RAID configuration, backup, replication, and snapshots.
The suite supports local and/or remote access by system administrators; easy setup of any standard RAID configurations without interruption of server operations; full monitoring of component health via SES and SAF-TE industry standards; full logical unit mapping for easy storage allocation and partitioning; and a permanent database that provides means for tracking problem areas, balancing storage usage and scheduling routine maintenance.
Nexenta Customers will Benefit from Abiquo's Self Service Storage Allocation Capabilities
When combined with tiered-storage architecture to guide storage allocation and distribution, SAN-based replication demonstrably lowers storage infrastructure TCO.