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a timepiece that can be started or stopped for exact timing (as of a race)


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Stopwatch sample means starting and stopping as fast as possible the stopwatch, using the thumb, for both hands.
While maintaining that vision, TimeWorks pivoted after market analysis showed steady growth in the traditional stopwatch industry.
84 curved Super AMOLED screen with 432x128p resolutions and boasts of HeartRate sensor, fitness related applications such as Pedometer, exercise app, HeartRate monitor, sleep, stopwatch, timer, notifications (SNS, Call, E-mail, Apps), schedule, Smart Relay, Media Control and water-and-dust resistant IP67 certification.
But the reason why I love this sport so much is because you can't cheat yourself, there is a stopwatch.
QUARTZ DE THAIX (63) had the benefit of the best ground when winning the first chase on Haydock's card, but his top-rated success was another step forward on the stopwatch.
dangles its pewter stopwatch in what must be the east.
Kids at Breckon Hill Primary School in Middlesbrough were visited by the Stopwatch Theatre Company who put on a safety production called Chicken.
The car has always been passed by the FIA, so when people don't like what they see on the stopwatch, they have to justify their own positions sometimes.
TIME STOPPER THERE is loads of potential The head told my dad With a bit training up He's a runner your lad So he purchased a stopwatch To time all my runs I was young, fit and healthy And going great guns It was stopwatch for breakfast Plus dinner and tea Now it's got to the point I've got no time for me As he stands on the sideline The day of the race With this timepiece in hand And a smile on his face I'm feeling quite sick Spent some time on the loo My dad's stricken face When I trip halfway through First through the tape I approach where he sits Kick that watch in the air And smash it to bits.
Stopwatch began when we were all sitting down to dinner one evening, and Blaze kept annoying everybody by playing with a stopwatch he'd found in the kitchen drawer.
They were counting down for Macedonia, now the stopwatch counts down for them.
One book that should be of considerable interest to all of the aforementioned parties is Stopwatch Marketing: Take Charge of the Time When Your Customer Decides to Buy by John Rosen and AnnaMaria Turano (Portfolio; $25.
Sporty details include Recaro bucket seats, aluminum pedals, and a stopwatch with lap timer for those trips around the racetrack.
Equipment: flash cards with health-related vocabulary, stopwatch