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fastener consisting of a narrow strip of welded metal used to join steel members

the kind of playing that involves pressing the fingers on the strings of a stringed instrument to control the pitch

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thought Levin, not guessing that the peasants had been mowing no less than four hours without stopping, and it was time for their lunch.
Well but, Brooke," said the Doctor, "doesn't this look a little as if you exercised your discretion by only stopping a fight when the School-house boy is getting the worst of it?
Basic principles of safely stopping suspected armed individuals should include some primary considerations.
You can also contact the field organizer who is coordinating the caravan stopping in a town near you.
Plus, women who reported troublesome symptoms after stopping were nearly nine times more likely to resume using hormone therapy than women without such symptoms.
In a second study, using data from the same survey, the researchers assessed factors associated with difficulty in stopping hormone therapy among the 377 women who had tried to stop.
Several vehicles were stopped waiting to turn right from Wisconsin onto Soledad Canyon when Gonzales steered her van around them and turned left onto Soledad without stopping for the stop sign, Moore said.
Or to put it differently: If Shakespeare did indeed recall Gifford's words, he must also have associated the stopping of ears with Ulysses' crew, and not (as I asserted earlier) with the Ithacan himself.
Since the notion of scaling back, let alone stopping, the drug war is too co ntroversial for most politicians to handle, it's hardly surprising that its role in racial profiling should go largely unacknowledged.
In a sense, stopping light is a trivial feat, comments Michael Fleischhauer of Kaiserslautern University in Germany, who helped develop the theory behind the new stopping techniques.
They have testified about "the need to free immigration officials from a |mission impossi-ble'"--that of stopping illicit drug traffic and a massive human exodus from Central and Latin America as a result of wars, unemployment, and spiraling debt.
gov) is aimed at combating criminal networks that traffic in fakes; stopping trade in pirated and counterfeit goods at America's borders; and helping small businesses secure and enforce their rights in overseas markets.
We have also learned at past meetings that the other risk of stopping -- rapidly falling CD4 counts -- is greatest in those who have a history of very low counts -suggesting that immune reconstitution is not always complete for those who have ever had very low CD4 counts.