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capable of being stopped


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RA celebrated again in first half stoppable time with Abel once more the marksman.
Collectively, looking at that, we are satisfied that this virus is spreading to a number of a countries and it is not stoppable," she said.
This time it will not be stoppable because too many of the basic connectors between Quebec and the ROC have been eaten away.
My concern as a coach is that the first and second goals were stoppable.
In the new world of a war schemed and strategized that seems now barely stoppable.
City suffered at Stoke after an unpreventable own-goal and a completely stoppable second was too much to overcome, even after Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink threatened to carve out a comeback.
Instead, Lewis caught touchdown passes of 69 and 73 yards, both on plays that appeared to be stoppable.
The enemy is stoppable now, and delaying attack only increases the cost of action later.
These goals are stoppable but if someone plays a great one-two and smacks one in I will hold my hands up and say, 'good football,' but it is a long time since I have said that.
All these things are real and all these things are stoppable if the world really set out to stop them.
Haugen agrees with McCoy, noting that it is a "very stoppable problem because of the vulnerability to law enforcement when law enforcement has the ability to shut it down.
This passage describes Quentin's perception of telling time (so important in The Sound and the Fury for Quentin the time-teller, the watch-breaker, the desirer of stopped and stoppable time), a perception in which telling time, mnemonic time, and dream time are united.
Still, Karas's self-portraits and Kozyra's Bathhouse signal a fundamental cultural change in sexuality that's taking place in Poland and is probably not stoppable, for all the sad reality of official resistance as depicted in Krzysztof Wodiczko's works.
New research now suggests that this unrelenting process may be stoppable.
These corporations were, in left-wing theology, stoppable only by revolution.