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Synonyms for stoplight

a red light on the rear of a motor vehicle that signals when the brakes are applied to slow or stop

a visual signal to control the flow of traffic at intersections

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Reynaldo Sanchez and Matthew Yngson, president and CEO of Stoplight Media Group just recently.
The company describes the approach as a kind of stoplight for one's health, with green indicating normal blood pressure, yellow indicating prehypertension and red indicating hypertension.
to automatically turn off the gasoline engine at idle, such as at a stoplight, and restart it again seamlessly as needed.
Julie and her friends drive toward Broad and Oak, the intersection where StopLight Theatre frequently performs.
Why not sell advertising space on the stoplight supports that extend across the streets?
NAME the artist and the song and you could win prizes: Stranded in this spooky town Stoplight is swaying and the phone lines are down Snow is crackling cold She took my heart, I think she took my soul With the moon I run Far from the carnage of the fiery sun
For example, he said, state lawmakers might have $10,000 available for one of two programs--a cancer prevention program for women or a stoplight at a busy intersection.
I cursed, thinking the automated stoplight camera had taken my photo, attributing some infraction unwarranted or obscure to me.
At a stoplight the same van pulled up, and the male from the van began yelling.
A 49-year-old Japanese businessman was shot dead Tuesday at a stoplight by two unidentified gunmen while on his way to an airport in central Philippines, police said.
The van was idling at a stoplight when I saw a huge pelican land on a bench by the bus stop.
In the present study we modified this stoplight task to assess risk taking in humans.
Highway officials are using computers to adjust stoplight cycles, the Internet to give drivers real-time traffic updates, and sensors to determine whether bridges are icing up.
At the stoplight on the corner of Illinois route 25 and County Line Road in west suburban Carpentersville, an embankment behind an old-fashioned gas station looks as though it should give way to lines of wheat and corn.
You sit at a stoplight, especially in Florida, you're sitting there in 100 percent humidity, and the sun is beating down on you, and that heat's coming up off the road, which is like 140, 150 degrees.