stop-loss order

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an order to a broker to sell (buy) when the price of a security falls (rises) to a designated level


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While traders agree that regulations drive down liquidity for markets, no one knows for sure if these price moves were triggered by stop-loss orders or something more nefarious.
Peirce reportedly was inspired to make "Stop-Loss" by her brother's experiences serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, and by accounts of real-life soldiers who defied their stop-loss orders.
For instance, if the investor owns the stock with a market price of $100 and a stop-loss of $90, and the market price moves to $110, he should consider resetting the stop-loss order (e.
We identified a dollar value and instituted a stop-loss order to sell on it.
The stop-loss order is being implemented across active duty, the Air Force Ready Reserve and the Air National Guard for affected career fields in the ranks of airman through colonel, the Air Force said.
My dumbest investment was buying TTM Technologies without a stop-loss order on it.
The lawsuit states that the stop-loss order was invoked after the 2001 terrorist attacks in the climate of an ongoing threat.
As it announced a stop-loss order last spring, the Air Force noted in an official news bulletin that "this action, while essential to meeting the service's worldwide obligations, is inconsistent with the fundamental principles of voluntary service.
The stop-loss order allows the military services to retain individuals on active duty beyond their date their enlistments expire.
Another way to use limit orders on the sell side is to enter "stop-loss" orders with your broker, A stop-loss order is used primarily to limit losses on profitable stock positions.
Although he was due to be out of the service by now, the Army specialist and others in the company were among those whose discharges were blocked after President Bush issued a stop-loss order earlier this summer.
The stop-loss order, issued for 30 days, allows the military services to retain individuals on active duty beyond their date of separation.
These accounts are leveraged so that you ante up on only 8% of the total amount invested; losses are protected by entering what's called a stop-loss order.
DOMA served as a stop-loss order for members of the Senate," says Frank.