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an order to a broker to sell (buy) when the price of a security falls (rises) to a designated level

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Firstly, most spread trading, CFD and forex providers charge clients when clients add a Guaranteed Stop order to their trade, irrespective of whether the order is used or not.
Markets whooshed down, countless stop orders were executed, and then markets whooshed right back up, arguably resulting in at least a semi-permanent impairment of capital.
And since the company has now completed the steaming phase and moved onto production, the latest stop order is unlikely to have any meaningful benefit or impact.
Stop order can limit losses," says AK Prabhakar, senior vice president and head, equity research (retail), Anand Rathi Financial Services.
But the local authority issued an emergency Stop Order in response to the resident protests.
A buy stop order is placed above the market and a sell stop order is placed below the market.
RecycleVision automatically optimizes the stop order of a particular route in order to minimize the miles needed to accomplish the route .
Belize issued a stop order against the Belize Telephone Co.
As with a limit order, you enter a stop order at a target price or stop price.
When a neurotransmitter sends a message, a chemical stop order also must be conveyed to break the neurotransmission.
But another 22 graves were removed after the province issued a stop order on the digging, said Linda Vanden Berg, archeologist and land claim co-ordinator for the Nanoose band.
You could place a stop order at 10102 to ensure you at least broke even, or you might move your original stop loss upwards to 10150, ensuring a profit of at least 100 (10150-10100 x 2) while giving your trade room to run into potentially even greater profit.
This was in readiness to build the line through the park, despite a pending stop order.
The stop order was issued by DENR Regional Director Felix Mirasol against the Dacon Group of Cos.