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IT IS COMMON PRACTICE in the instruction of lyric diction to use the contrast voiced /unvoiced to categorize the stop consonants of any given language.
sg' is not, then the reason behind the excessive strength was obviously not only the stop consonant in the syllable onset, but the coda as well.
Stimulus factors influencing the identification of voiced stop consonants by normal-hearing and hearing-impaired adults.
The stop consonant /d/ emerges due to a phonetic process, and it is not part of the Spanish morphology.
An articulation that involves a stop consonant released with a fricative.
1983, Enlargement of the Supraglottal Cavity and Its Relation to Stop Consonant Voicing.
Finnish has quality alternation where a stop consonant in the strong grade disappears in the weak grade, e.
The TS group also displayed more errors involving nasals, the/r/ sound, and initial consonant clusters, as well as significantly more errors involving more than one or two stop consonant or fricative sounds.