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Synonyms for stooge

Synonyms for stooge

a person used or controlled by others

Synonyms for stooge

a person of unquestioning obedience

a victim of ridicule or pranks

cruise in slow or routine flights

act as a stooge, in a compliant or subordinate manner

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The Three Stooges, revived after a fashion in the new Farrelly Brothers movie of the same title, embody a particular sort of non-Jewish stereotype, which is to saythey're idiots.
Frank says that Shemp is the most "under-rated Stooge.
Pop also hopes to do some recording with the current Stooges lineup and is in the midst of writing new material.
In the comedy, careening into theaters everywhere April 13th, Upton makes a special cameo appearance as 'Sister Bernice' a swimsuit-wearing nun at an orphanage that has housed Larry, Curly and Moe since the Stooges were infants.
8220;I've never seen an online casino game become so popular as quickly as the first Three Stooges game did,” said casino manager Daniel van Wyk.
The gumshoe for the Philadelphia Police Department isn't on the prowl for crooks, but for historic filming locations of America's wackiest comedy trio: The Three Stooges.
The Stooge, produced by Gabriel Gonzalez, Tom Joyner (Jaws) and Jason Fenton, will be directed by Uruguayan director Rogelio Fojo (also producer/editor of the short film) and shot by world-renowned cinematographer Nancy Schreiber.
Krasinski is pleasantly amusing and Fischer makes Pam's disaffection palpable, while Wilson is the wild card here: Dwight is quite possibly a lunatic disguised as a stunningly petty button-down stooge.
PUNTERS are betting Big Brother contestant "nasty" Nick is a stooge put in the house by Channel 4 bosses.
Over the years, Mousie continued to team up with nine different Stooge partners, ending in the 1970s with Curly Joe DeRita and Frank Mitchell.
Carrey will be playing the role of Curly, and his actress-cum-model girlfriend has confirmed that the comic is preparing to get "in shape" to play the larger-than-life Stooge.
There's Gayle (Louise Lombard), a female journalist who routinely sleeps with her sources - Ben, a man of the world in every other respect, is nonetheless in love with her, wounded beyond words by her repeated indiscretions - and a TV stooge (Jeffrey Nordling) who packs his trousers with extra padding, not to protect him from errant weapons fire but to impress the ladies, as well as a character who openly describes himself as a spy (Noam Jenkins).
But she won't be a stooge for purely union interests.
Most of the stuff we did was more Curlyisms,'' said McShane, launching into a recitation of Stooge lines (``Niagara Falls.
Stooges of west want to convert Pakistan into secular state.