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lacking funds

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The councils have to run fleets of vehicles as well as myriad offices, schools and public buildings, and can see their costs spiralling out of control well before the next budgets are calculated - and, of course, must resist pay demands from employees, many of whom will be getting perilously close to stony-broke.
The desperate Italians, stony-broke and second from bottom of Serie A, are giving the Uefa Cup short shrift with a massive relegation clash at Palermo on Sunday focusing minds at the Ennio Tardini.
Because her stony-broke dad didn't leave her a penny.
Hollywood star Arnie was stony-broke when he arrived in Britain in 1968 with dreams of becoming Mr Universe.
This cash crop has been diligently harvested by the Government from the stony-broke Irish citizens and sent abroad.
Quinn had another bad experience managing stony-broke Swindon Town - the place where he had been worshipped as a player.
I had no idea how to find a cheap place to live in London so I spent too much and soon found myself stony-broke.
His blue and white strip was ripped from neckline to chest and replacing it is an extra cost the stony-broke Yorkshire club can do without.