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masonry done with stone

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The third suggests simply sandblasting the stonework and fitting a grey fascia - with no cladding.
The current proposals will seek to ease the rate of historic stonework decay, stabilise the affected areas and stop water entering the site as much as possible.
After gaining his trust Flynn charged excessive amounts for house repairs and building work that was either overpriced or not completed, including PS4,000 to restore stonework and PS5,700 for new windows.
The court heard that Flynn approached his victim in the street outside his house in Cathays in March last year, offering to restore his external stonework.
It also gives an opportunity to rediscover our past by unveiling stonework going back nearly 800 years.
WORK to preserve Liverpool's iconic bombed-out church is set to start in the spring - with a PS150,000 project to repair its crumbling stonework.
Suskind, who taught early childhood education, continues to teach using a concept called Stonework.
Some of the treasures on display will include a 1216 issue of the Magna Carta and some of the finest religious stonework created in the 1,000 years after Christ.
In your community, walk through an area that has older buildings with ornate stonework.
The external architecture has Elizabethan features and brick chimneys, though some of the stonework and the Ogee (a type of s-shaped curve) arch above the front door hint at an earlier date.
A large stonework sitting area could soon be installed at Preston Park, in Eaglescliffe.
com) will preview its new stonework design software plug-in that enables architects to design and render the exact stone pattern for a project.
St Paul's in London is one of several churches to receive a maximum single grant of pounds 250,000 from the Cathedral Grants Scheme, run by the heritage body and the Wolfson Foundation, for stonework repairs.