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one who stonewalls or refuses to answer or cooperate

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Nominations phoned into the Daily News came from two distinct camps: sincere dog lovers, who proposed names including Lucky and Hershey, and barking-mad Republicans, who offered monikers such as Paula Jones and Stonewaller.
We had a couple of great chances and a couple of penalty claims, one which was an absolute stonewaller.
March 15, 2015 Everton 3-0 Newcastle United (Premier League) Another game after which Carver made clear he did not across Premier believe Newcastle were awarded penalties anymore, Everton did get one - and it was a stonewaller.
BRENDAN RODGERS accused referee Lee Probert of denying his side victory after turning down a late penalty shout even Neil Warnock admitted was a stonewaller.
Yes we have had some horrible ones given against us and then we don't get a stonewaller.
I've no complaints about the penalty because it was a stonewaller.
Birmingham have enjoyed some luck with penalties recently - Alan Shearer missed one early on for Newcastle, while Palace were denied a stonewaller when David Holdsworth handled on the line after just three minutes - but, despite Michael Johnson having to play as emergency left-back and Darren Purse taking over at centre-half, they have tightened up at the back recently, boasting five clean sheets in their last seven starts.
Latta said: "It was a stonewaller and I can't believe it wasn't given.
The referee's told me at the end it's a stonewaller and you just feel cheated.
Atkinson said: "I am disappointed because we had a clear-cut penalty - a stonewaller - turned down when Shaun Utterson was chopped down.
You have to earn it then before you get an absolute stonewaller, although I don't know when a two-handed shove in someone's back (James Mackie on Kyel Reid) is not a penalty.
Their penalty was soft and we were denied a stonewaller.
He added: "It was a stonewaller and should have been a red card.
One of which was a penalty incident that looked to be a stonewaller but was given as a free-kick to Harrogate.
I've watched the video and I thought it was a stonewaller but I thought Watford's was a penalty as well.