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a craftsman who works with stone or brick

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He has been working as a stonemason at the cathedral and training at York College for the past three years.
There was a stonemason working on Kbler-Ross' house, "and one day the guy I worked for said, 'Alan, give him a hand,' so I started helping him with the stone work," Ash recalled.
I've been living in my jeep ever since and there's no work as a stonemason.
Stonemason Paul Edwards, 48, putting the finishing touches to his commemorative wal| l
Nigel is the Cathedral's longest serving stonemason, having started his apprenticeship there in the early 1980s.
The stonemason has only been identified as Gregorz and the surgery was performed at the Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology, located in Gliwice, Poland.
To all who contributed to the success of The Loftus Stonemason project we offer our sincere gratitude.
It follows a careful r e s to r a -tion of the remains as part of a pounds 250,000 project by the cathedral, which involved skilled stonemasons over the last three years.
STONEMASONS cut and prepare stone for buildings and monuments.
THE COLLECTOR: DAVID DOUGLAS AND THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE NORTHWEST surveys David Douglas's discoveries of hundreds of western plants and tells how the son of a stonemason who lived in a rural Scottish village became the premier botanical explorer of the Pacific Northwest.
Along similar lines, Harison's third chapter focusing exclusively on the life of the stonemason Martin Nadaud seems unnecessary, since Nadaud's experiences are included in many of the other chapters in the book.
For the past year we have been securing investors nationwide and now find ourselves in a unique position to capitalize on the current market conditions and expand our portfolio of properties," said Gustaf Arnoldsson, managing member of Stonemason Partners.
US stonemason Ryan Notz, who founded the site, said: "The beauty is people find each other directly - you're not just another name in the phonebook.
SCOTTISH stonemason Pamela Burns is a cut above - chiselling out a career in one of the oldest trades around.