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(of bone especially the temporal bone) resembling stone in hardness


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And how are we going to maintain stonelike immobility for hours on end?
During the work-up for kidney surgery, the radiologist discovered multiple stonelike densities in the liver and gallbladder.
The mode of display seemed as important as the objects themselves--smooth, stonelike ceramic sculptures, at times encrusted with glittering purple crystals--in its address of a classic modernist trope.
Over the past 10 years, many different brick and stonelike products that vary in size, color and shape have appeared on the market.
Stromatolites - stonelike, layered colonies of algae - are rare in cold freshwater lakes, and some of Waldo's specimens have probably been growing for thousands of years.
Wall caps Stonelike wall caps from Napa Valley Cast Stone (www.
a collection of random stonelike shapes, sizes, and colors for a rough-textured appearance, an uneven surface, and softened round edges that simulate the look of fieldstone.
The extra width and stonelike color helped reinforce the elegant simplicity of the classic gardens.