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Synonyms for stonelike

(of bone especially the temporal bone) resembling stone in hardness


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And how are we going to maintain stonelike immobility for hours on end?
THOUSAND OAKS - For Michael Arndt, a drama professor at California Lutheran University, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is more than just a series of stonelike slabs.
Roberto Tirelli's stonelike set transforms itself from a mountain into a seaside.
All in the cathedral clapped with the exception of the stonelike men, including the nation's remaining cardinals, who sat in the first few rows in the sanctuary, apparently unaccustomed to spontaneous liturgical celebration.
The aunt spent a whole week with her leg covered with mustard from thigh to ankle, but when the treatment was over, they found that the ulcer had grown even larger and that it was covered with a slimy, stonelike substance that couldn't be removed without endangering the whole leg.
Study the stonelike look of clothing on the figures in The Prophecy of Nathan.
Some believe the early Scots gave the name "scone" to one of their staple foods with a vaguely stonelike shape to honor their monarchs and commemorate the removal - some would say thievery - of the Stone of Scone from Scotland by King Edward I of England in 1296.
The main gallery at Entwistle is your typical art space--boxy and white, with a stonelike tile floor and a big window onto the street.
Garcia, 53, sat stonelike, eyeing Bamieh as more than a dozen court employees and prosecutors watched the showdown.
As if trying to placate Witkiewicz's ghost, Kantor explained, "It is not the work (the end product) or its 'eternal' or its stonelike image that is important; rather, it is the process of creation.
Also some Corian with a stonelike look is as pricey as granite, she said.