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Synonyms for stone-deaf

totally deaf

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We have plenty of non-Natives who are stone-deaf to our story--there is no need for a priest to join their ranks.
There are those who will remain stone-deaf to this call, those who will insist that Henson's reputation should go before him, that involving him again would be more hassle than it's worth.
IMAGINE you are in the throes of a heated argument with your mate when, suddenly, his eyes glaze over and he turns stone-deaf.
STONE-deaf Jack Russell Sally is one of dozens of unwanted animals looking for a home this Christmas.
Two are stone-deaf and eight are teenagers who go into withdrawal without ear-splitting music.
His family was reduced to severe poverty by his father's untimely death, and he was raised by his widowed mother and his lame and stone-deaf grandfather.
A patient with meningitis whom we had regretted resuscitating after he arrested proved not to be brain-dead: just stone-deaf.