stone pit

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a surface excavation for extracting stone or slate

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The Environment Ministry stated: "22 tons/day of By-Pass dust for every production line were disposed in a disused stone pit, without prior approval from the ministry.
In summary, three findings show that Mataie'e is best interpreted in the context of a religious site: 1) the stone pit, which was likely for the disposal of tapu objects, 2) the columnar basalt upright, which likely served as a backrest for priests or as the resting places for visiting spirits, and 3) the absence of paepae hiamoe.
My research suggests some missile had hit the hillside at Stone Pit Hills under which the ancient gypsum mine converted into bomb storage caverns lay.
Teddy Kem was such a weaver, and George Eliot even described Teddy Kem's heaven as near a deserted stone pit.
After stealing Silas' gold, he falls into the Stone Pit.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Two workers were killed in the accident as a result of a collapse in a stone pit in ystanbul's Sultangazi neighborhood on Sunday.
In BingE[micro]l, the PKK terrorists set, on Saturday evening, on fire a total of ten engineering vehicles used in a stone pit.
In a country where the increasingly frantic construction became a rule, where society forgot its land, covering it with clusters of concrete, where the mountains so long cherished became yawning gaps, stone pits, giants getting weakened by human excavation .
As well as mining ores, the miners ingeniously extracted copper from the water flowing through the mines by a method called precipitation, using rows of stone pits, the remains of which still survive dotted across the mountain.
Seuss's Eight-Nozzled Elephant-Toted Boom Blitz (although that machine spewed sour cherry stone pits, not blog posts).
Recha's exceptional, languorous use of a strong landscape, full of stone pits and olive-tree-lined terraces, recalls Japanese masters as much as it does Kiarostami.