stone pine

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medium-sized two-needled pine of southern Europe having a spreading crown

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Also, in our study area, as in most reforested areas in Spain, the pine-nut-producer stone pine is used only in some patches with the non-pine-nut-producer cluster pine being the dominant species.
Now that the construction of the hotels is almost complete, the firm has begun constructing a road to and from the hotels that will pass through the stone pine forest.
Move on to the raised dining area and kitchen, and the view is compressed and reversed, with two inner walls set at a sharp angle to frame the stone pine.
Publication information: Self-published in 2008 by Stone Pine Press Inc.
The forests of Siberian stone pine are vast and their products, including timber, nuts, and resin are valuable economically.
Arborists decided to remove the other two trunks from the 80-foot-tall, three-trunk Italian stone pine rooted in a common area uphill from the Avenida Frasca home.
In the Cota, Europe's rarest and most heavily protected feline, the Pardel lynx, lurks in the miles of stone pine and scrub that surrounds vast marshes.
It mills dozens of hardwoods, including exotics like Carolina cherry, black acacia, melaleuca, red river gum, carob, sycamore, silver maple and holly oak; and softwoods, which include Fern pine, Canary Island pine, Italian stone pine, and cedar.
For instance, the "pignolias" of the Italian stone pine (P.
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has asked the Greek government to think again about its intention to build a rowing and canoeing centre at Schinias, a site with a rich birdlife, a locally endemic species of fish, one of Greece's three remaining stone pine forests, and other rare plants.
As I sat through the speech, drinking glass after glass of Stone Pine Chardonnay, I just couldn't believe how horrible he was.
A similar mutualism occurs between the Eurasian Nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes) and several pines, including the Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) (Tomback and Linhart [1990] and references therein).
And three photographers were arrested for trespassing at the luxury Stone Pine resort, where Andre booked all 12 guest cottages.
21% of Swiss stone pine tree sites support clusters in the Engadine Valley of Switzerland (Tomback et al.
Summary: The stone pine, a steady feature of Lebanon's landscape for generations, has recently come under renewed threat from invasive insects that are affecting a staple of Lebanese cuisine: the pine nut.