stone pine

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medium-sized two-needled pine of southern Europe having a spreading crown

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Crews use a crane Monday to remove sections of an 80-foot-tall, three-trunk Italian stone pine that toppled onto the roof of a home in Valencia.
Stone Pine Telecom LLC, a subsidiary of the Stone Pine companies, is a financial advisor and partner and will assist the company in structuring and capitalizing its activities.
A living, 30-inch-tall Italian stone pine is planted in a two-gallon container trimmed in willow.
An example of indirect light is the dappled light that filters through the branches of tall trees such as Italian stone pine, Shamel ash and eucalyptus.
3) A city worker prepares to cut branches off a stone pine tree felled by wind and rain in one of the season's worst storms.
RMG") has retained the investment banking services of Stone Pine Investment Banking, LLC ("Stone Pine").
One tree that seems to make the news every winter when one of its larger specimens falls over - blocking a road or crushing a parked car - is the Italian stone pine (Pinus pinea).
GEC is a partnership between Global Asset Capital and The Stone Pine Companies and is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in New York and Denver.
Cahill is a Managing Director with Stone Pine Investment Banking LLC where he is engaged in originating and managing new investment banking business, including private placements, mergers and acquisitions, and financial restructurings.
Tip of the week: Just over a week ago, an enormous Italian stone pine (Pinus pinea) fell over in Sherman Oaks, crushing three cars parked nearby.
Bears (Ursus) consume the seeds of stone pines (Pinus, subsection Cembrae) at higher northern latitudes worldwide where the two taxa overlap.
And one for that pearl-tinted cloudlet far away above the stone pines on the hill.