stone fruit

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fleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed: e.g. almond

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Stone fruit was one of the highlights of the 2016 Chilean stone fruit season," enthuses Karen Brux, managing director North America for the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, in San Carlos, Calif.
Specifically, among cases that matched the recalled stone fruit by PFGE, WGS allowed differentiation between sporadic cases and cases associated with stone fruit consumption.
Although the GPS-controlled spot treatments generated lower net returns than some of the strip treatments, the spot treatments provided greater returns than the strip treatment with 1,3-D alone, which has been an almond and stone fruit industry standard.
Stone fruits remain highly seasonal, with the strongest sales occurring during the warmer months of June, July, August and September.
A wide selection of stone fruit cultivars range from new to the heirloom variety your great-grandmother grew.
Stone fruit trees nitrogen deficient can provide low yield (TAYLOR, 2009) as result shorter period of leaves maintenance, resulting in shorter reserves accumulation for the posterior cycle (MONTE-SERRAT et al.
The shiraz blend has flavors of black pepper and apricots, and the viognier has floral aromatics and stone fruit flavors, according to the company.
Keep wall-trained fruit, especially stone fruit, well-watered during fruit set and fruit development.
The three programs chosen by the magazine were Stemilt's 2006 Washington Stone Fruit Program, its Sesame Street Apple of the Month Club, and a Nature Conservancy Program Stemilt conducted on behalf of large, natural-foods retailer.
THE EUROPEAN Food Safety Agency (EFSA) is to investigate human health risks caused by the contaminant ethyl carbamate in all alcoholic drinks, focusing on its presence in stone fruit brandies.
Tebuconazole is a broad-spectrum fungicide that controls multiple diseases in grapes, peanuts and stone fruit, and has section 18 uses in cereals.
This year, PDA and USDA surveyors will sample all of the stone fruit trees in 13 townships currently under the Plum Pox quarantine.
Clever technology from Compac Sorting Equipment (CSE) has won it a contract with the world's largest stone fruit packer, based in the United States.
After tasting one of the Brooklyn Brewery's twelve styles, it is clear that beer brings much more 'to the table than one might think; flavors range from smoke to citrus to berry to stone fruit to roasted grains to coffee and chocolate.