stone curlew

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large-headed large-eyed crepuscular or nocturnal shorebird of the Old World and tropical America having a thickened knee joint

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The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said two overground alternatives to the tunnel at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, set to be detailed in consultation documents due today, would destroy nesting and roosting sites of the secretive stone curlew.
The RSPB said numbers of breeding stone curlew in England had risen to more than 300 pairs, hitting a national conservation target five years ahead of schedule.
The ongoing reintroduction of the eastern bettong, New Holland mouse and bush stone curlew into the sanctuary and adjoining Goorooyaroo Nature Reserve has been made possible thanks to leading-edge research and a fruitful partnership with the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust.
Historically, these wild falcons were trained and used during winter months to hunt Houbara, Stone curlew and hare, the preferred quarry species in Arabia during winters.
Cryptosporidium was the predominant intestinal pathogen detected, although microbiologic investigations revealed a concurrent Salmonella infantis infection in 2 of the 29 stone curlew chicks that died.
His collection included eggs of protected species including: little tern, osprey, avocet, black-tailed godwit, stone curlew, corncrake, chough, peregrine falcon and red-throated diver - as well as 166 nightingale eggs and 87 nightjar eggs.
Last month osprey eggs, believed to have been taken from a nest in Scotland, were seized from a house in Willenhall, Coventry, along with a number of dead birds including chough and stone curlew.
NO doubting the record this week - a stone curlew at Llanddulas
The Environment and Natural Reserves Authority in Sharjah (ENRAS) confiscated eight traps used in catching stone curlew birds in different areas of the Central region in the emirate last week.
The corpses included rare birds such as a peregrine falcon, a chough, a stone curlew and a corncrake.
Just weeks after a swallow was spotted out of season in Rhyl, a Stone Curlew has been spotted in Wales for the first time ever during this month.
The scheme -- which has 172 agreements in Worcestershire alone -- has seen a marked increase in previously declining bird species, including the stone curlew, bittern, lapwing, reed bunting, greenfinch, pipit, twite and wagtail.
RARE species like the stone curlew, nightjar and sand lizard are facing extinction because of the degradation of much of their heathland habitat, conservationists warned yesterday.
A leading conservation charity called yesterday for new farm subsidy schemes to protect rare birds such as the stone curlew.
Priority will now be given to farmers with any of seven threatened farmland birds on their land - corn bunting, tree sparrow, lapwing, grey partridge, turtle dove, cirl bunting and stone curlew.