stone crab

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pale flesh with delicate texture and flavor

large edible crab of the southern coast of the United States (particularly Florida)

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Fresh seafood at the water's edge at Billy's Stone Crab Restaurant
Each bartender at Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab is assigned to a station at the beginning of each shift.
In the stone crab Menippe mercenari, 47% of individuals that had both claws removed died within 24 h and 28% died after a single-claw removal (Davis et al.
We extend the definition of by catch to include blue crab and Florida stone crab (Menippe mercenaria), both live and dead, found in DCPs because the DCP catch is rendered unavailable to the fishery.
On a busy night, Joe's serves up nearly 1,000 pounds of stone crabs to some 1,700 customers willing to pay market price for a plate.
Relative growth and sexual maturity of the stone crab Menippe nodifrons Stimpson, 1859 (Brachyura, Xanthoidea) in southeastern Brazil.
Del Frisco's Restaurant Group, a US-based restaurant chain, has announced the opening of its Stone Crab Claw Season for 2011.
YOU'VE picked up a hire car at Miami Airport and the whole of Florida is your oyster (or your stone crab, if it's in season).
Call Joe's Stone Crab in Miami Beach" -- "Call dentist" -- "Directions to Fenway Park"
The South of 5th neighborhood is populated with some of the premier venues in South Beach, including Joya, Prime 112 Steakhouse, Joe's Stone Crab and Nikki Beach.
Joe's Stone Crab, a venerable Miami Beach landmark restaurant, has taken its brand into Publix Super Markets, Kings Super Market outlets and other stores.
During stone crab months, the wait for a table can take hours unless you get there early or have connections.
Abstract: In Florida and Cuba the stone crab Menippe mercenaria (Say, 1818) is under strong fishing-pressure; nevertheless in the Mexican Caribbean it is considered as sub-utilized and poorly known resource.
When the Quincy concert was over, we were bused to a dinner of stone crab claws and beef tenderloin, followed by fireworks over Biscayne Bay.
I remember wading off the beach and plucking lobster, conch and stone crab from waist-deep waters for a dinner beneath the palms.