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relating to or of the nature of or having a mouth or mouthlike opening


relating to or constituting plant stomata


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For the variable stomatal conductance (gs) (figure 2B), similar behavior occurred with that observed in the other variables investigated on 'Julior', with the exception of the third day of stress, where the control differed significantly from the plants submitted to stress.
Water availability influenced stomatal conductance as a function of the defoliation level, showing a very similar behavior in both evaluation periods (Figures 2A and B).
2] concentration (Ci), stomatal conductance (gs), and transpiration (E) in the central lobes of the youngest fully expanded leaves (YL) and the old leaves (OL) located in the lower part of the stem.
The AQUAmax hybrid which was developed by DuPont Pioneer have increased stomatal conductance to limit transpiration, higher photosynthetic production, vigorous ear silking, and prolific root system under water limited conditions.
Water stress has been associated with a reduction of stomatal density in leaves (Salisbury, 1928; Paakkonen, Vahala, Pohjolal, Holopainen, & Karenlampi, 1998; Sam, Jerez, Dell'Amico, & Ruiz-Sanchez 2000; RomeroAranda, Soria, & Cuartero, 2001; Xu & Zhou, 2008; Bafbien et al.
Bread grass grown under full sunlight exhibited higher stomatal conductance (Gs) than forage plants in the intercropped system, in maize inter-rows, and spaced 2m from the Eucalyptus rows, regardless of Eucalyptus spacing (Table 2).
Under salt stress, stomatal aperture decreased and resulted in low CO2 availability to plants (Kausar and Shahbaz, 2013).
Young plants of African mahogany have a high stomatal sensitivity to water deficiency, which, together with the proline accumulation, can lead to a moderate water stress of the species.
A perusal of data revealed that delayed sowing of mustard significantly reduces the stomatal conductance.
Furthermore, after two harvests made, stomatal conductance and photosynthetic assimilation rates were significantly reduced under T2 conditions.
The main concomitants of drought in crop plants are reduced rate of stem elongation and root proliferation, cell division and enlargement, leaf size and disturbed plant water and nutrient relations and stomatal fluctuations with reduced crop productivity and water use efficiency (WUE).
2+], reactive oxygen species (ROS) and abscisic acid (ABA); abiotic stress tolerance involved in MG and glyoxalase; stomatal movement; seed germination; as well as cell division and organ differentiation, were summarized, the aim is to better understand MG and its detoxification system function in plants especially in abiotic stress conditions.
In addition, net photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, transpiration and leaf area of selected H.
Leaf mass per area, stomatal density, stomatal length, water content, leaf life span, and chlorophyll content were measured in two populations in northern Indiana.