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a horizontal branch from the base of plant that produces new plants from buds at its tips


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Control of weed species which undergo vegetative reproduction like stolon, rhizome, and/or tuber with a sequential applications of glyphosate have been reported in a number of studies (Bradley and Hagood, 2002; Akin and Shaw, 2004; Hart et al.
harzianum has batter in improving tuber formation, increasing the size of the tubers as well as reducing the incidence of stolon canker as well as sclerotia formation on tuber.
An obvious and major domestication trait in potatoes is the shortening of stolons and a corresponding increase in tuber size.
2003), who found that fronds and stolons vary with physical conditions, we chose frond length and stolon diameter as morphological measurements.
At 12 h (4 h after the initiation of the light cycle) and at 18 h (10 h after the initiation of the light cycle), the gastrovascular lumen of two stolons per colony was imaged approximately 1 mm from the stolon tip.
On these shoots, the stems, foliage, stolons, roots, inflorescences and the next generation of tubers are formed.
Encourage the grass to be more competitive through early season nitrogen and higher early season covers; or even damage the stolon network.
Three stolons per planting position were put in a hole and covered with soil, allowing about 1/3 of the stolon to remain above ground.
Identify the blade, ligule, sheath, crown, root, rhizome, and stolon, if present.
This study was designed to examine the effects of late-season N, Fe, and SWE applications on fall through spring aesthetic responses, fatty acid saturation levels, and proline concentrations in the stolon tissues of four bermudagrass cultivars.
Stoloniferous bulbs are essentially erect bulbs connected underground by a stolon or underground stem.
This nutrient-rich water is drawn into the tuber by the stolon roots.
We studied the effect of stolon number per gene on a variety of measures of reproductive success in Bromelia pinguin in the Guanacaste Conservation Area, Santa Rosa sector, Costa Rica.