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a horizontal branch from the base of plant that produces new plants from buds at its tips


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Encourage the grass to be more competitive through early season nitrogen and higher early season covers; or even damage the stolon network.
Beautiful and majestic, the quick-growing invaders are carpeting the Mediterranean seafloor with a plush shag of heavily fringed fronds, many rising 30 inches or more above anchoring runners, known as stolons.
An obvious and major domestication trait in potatoes is the shortening of stolons and a corresponding increase in tuber size.
Plant saxicolous, stemless, 10-12 cm tall, propagating by slender stolons, 6-10 x 0.
Shimizu N, Tomoda M, Satoh M, Gonda R, Oehava N (1991) Characterization of a polysaccharide having activity on the Reticuloendotheliol system from the stolon of Glycyrrhiza glabra var.
Tuber: Thickened or swollen underground branch or stolon (stem) with numerous buds or eyes; thickening occurs because of the accumulation of reserved food, as in potatoes.
Colletotrichum acutatum is found worldwide on a number of strawberry hosts, and is increasing in importance as the cause of strawberry petiole, stolon, crown, and root infections.
Shoot, stolon, and tuber formation on potato (Solatium tuberosum L.
Skerman and Riveros [11] stated that Rhodes grass is tolerant of fire, a heavy fire may thin the stand by killing some of the smaller rooted stolon nodes, and also it is not shade tolerant, as it is expected from its origin in open woodland and grassland.
The Alderson plants will be evaluated to determine leaf size and stolon structure.
Ten plants were randomly selected from each replication and shoot height, stolon number and length, tuber number and total tuber weight were measured.
main axis giving rise to stolon-like horizontal branches; stolon branches smooth, cylindrical to flattened and branched, often bearing secondary haptera from which a new plantlet may arise; upper parts of the secondary axis densely clothed with leaves, vesicles and receptacles.
From the twenty six observed weed species in the farm, eleven weed species were totally capable of reproducing by the asexual methods such as Rhyzum, stolon , and underground roots.
The correlation (Table 1), it became clear that, except harvest index, has a positive correlation non-significant whit tuber yield, other traits with each other and function were a positive correlation significant, and Among these traits, respectively, the average tuber weight, number and number of stolon and tuber had the highest correlation with yield and this result represents a very positive impact on these traits is increased tuber.
Before measuring the traits associated with roots and tubers Stolon washed thoroughly with water and then rinse with distilled water were.