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Synonyms for stolidity

Synonyms for stolidity

apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactions

an indifference to pleasure or pain

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Its unreconstructed stolidity and imperfect luxury symbolized an era just then beginning to fade.
There's a strong sense in the marketplace that index funds are the best way to expose yourself to the equity markets, and that fixed-income funds offer a boring stolidity.
In addition to the tendency toward in-group bias, the perceptions of positions are consistent with the role-based structural distinctions between them (Eagly & Steffen, 1984): scoring is aided by activity, aggressiveness, and creativity, in contrast to the stolidity and discipline of the defender.
But my stronger motivator was a desire to remedy my somewhat Frankensteinian corporeal stolidity.
What gives Rosalind trouble is performing adult manhood--she can be pert but not stoic, and her stolidity vanishes as he faints at the sight of Orlando's blood.
With both Gunning's and Gaudreault's essays moving us apparently toward the greater stolidity of narrative integration from the glitter of attractions, it seems somewhat surprising that Rabinovitz's essay about 1906, 'Movies and Spectacle', focuses almost exclusively on spectacle itself rather than on how it begins to be channeled toward narrative purposes, particularly because Gunning's initial formulation of it argues that the cinema of attractions is on the wane by 1906.
Farther on in the show, Bather with Brown Hair (Gabrielle Drying Herself), 1909, and, more emphatically, Seated Bather, 1914, embody the weirdly attractive, inflated stolidity that was the organic outgrowth of Renoir's ideas concerning both painting and women.
pushed to the margins of this stolidity in their attempt to depict
Perhaps it could be that Ruth's surname of "Stone" with its own natural associations signals her underlying allegiance to Sylvie's world, while simultaneously marking her sister Lucille's stolidity.
Separation was only forced by the sheer brutality of England--what Hawthorne calls "the boorishness, the stolidity, the self-sufficiency, the contemptuous jealousy, the half-sagacity, invariably blind of one eye and often distorted of the other, that characterize this strange people" (5: 19).
He has succeeded in creating an intensely enjoyable book, one that bends between forms and yet feels strangely unified, a novel with the stolidity of concrete and the airiness of an eighth-floor apartment lacking an exterior wall.
The police expressed various tolerations, exasperations, and likings from within their collective prison of stolidity.
His stolidity in the face of danger and his essential humanity contrast comfortingly with the new mechanised nature of war.