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And forthwith he employed himself on the stolid countenance of one of his wooden progeny, and completed it in his own mechanical style, from which he was never known afterwards to deviate.
I play," she said with an affection of stolid composure.
Edward Burbage, like Shakespeare's own portrait, is, we venture to think, a trifle stolid.
For the moment they had been entirely unconscious of their surroundings and now as she looked at their captors she saw that they had fallen again into their almost habitual manner of stolid indifference, and at a gesture from one of them the march was resumed as though no untoward incident had occurred.
The Kro-lu stood watching us with stolid indifference.
So they watched, the women beating their bosoms and uttering strange cries, the men stolid but scared.
He was often near to something or other very clever, by his own account: this lumbering, slow, honest John; this John so heavy, but so light of spirit; so rough upon the surface, but so gentle at the core; so dull without, so quick within; so stolid, but so good
So stolid was his manner of utterance that Joan turned carelessly to see what had attracted his attention, and found herself face to face with Gogoomy.
The natives, for instance, fell into a condition of dumb, stolid fear.
Ole Ericsen seemed sunk into a state of stolid despair.
Furthermore, the Chinese were excellent workers, while their fatalistic philosophy (or religion) and their stolid nervous organization constituted them splendid soldiers--if they were properly managed.
They present the same rosy complexions and straw-colored mustachios, the same plump cheeks, vacant eyes and low forehead; and they utter, with the same stolid gravity, the same imbecile small talk.
Ariel entered the room--in stolid silence, as usual.
Archers and seamen lay flat upon the deck, waiting in stolid silence for whatever fate might come.
He was a large-muscled, stolid sort of a man, in whom little imagination was coupled with immense initiative, and who possessed, withal, loyalty and affection as sturdy as his own strength.