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Synonyms for stoicism

Synonyms for stoicism

an indifference to pleasure or pain

(philosophy) the philosophical system of the Stoics following the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno

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At that moment her indefinable charm was revealed to me in the conjunction of passion and stoicism.
Indeed this gentleman's stoicism was of that not uncommon kind, which enables a man to bear with exemplary fortitude the afflictions of his friends, but renders him, by way of counterpoise, rather selfish and sensitive in respect of any that happen to befall himself.
The travel-stained adventurers gazed after her in astonishment, and even the unemotional Indians, journeying in with their pelties, relaxed their accustomed stoicism as they marvelled at the beauty of the pale-faced maiden.
36) The ethic of sacrifice that is endemic to Victorian Stoicism ends with a serenely triumphant whimper.
As well, Zuckert suggestively argues that Locke's "understanding of politics has more in common with medieval constitutionalism, his understanding of morality echoes any number of earlier positions, including Stoicism, [and] his understanding of religion shares much with Protestantism contemporary with him.
The official view is that the film accurately portrays the stoicism with which "habaneros" put up with social hardships that the government blames on four decades of "economic blockade" by its archenemy the United States.
Roetzel discusses Stoicism, Neo-Pythagoreanism, and Cynicism, but not Epicureans or Skeptics, Hellenistic mystery religions and the healing cult of Asclepius, but does nothing with civic cults, apotheosis of emperors (e.
Most of the time he exhibits the somewhat shut-down stoicism of an early-'70s performance artist.
After a general view of Roman philosophy in this long period, he discusses this Greek influence after which he moves on to Cicero and his contemporaries, Lucretius and the Epicureans, the philosophers and poets of the early Empire, Seneca and his contemporaries, Stoicism in the reigns of Nero and the Flavian dynasty and, finally, philosophy from Epictetus to Marcus Aurelius.
The deadpan expression he wears in almost every scene might seem like heroic stoicism, but it's also the face of deep denial.
And his was a rare narrative and dramatic talent for capturing scenes of black folk's stoicism in ways as immediate as a sharecropper's steamy breath on a winter's day.
Clinging desperately to Christian stoicism was the only way to prevent the descent into an abyss of despair.
MCAD complainants often lay claim to extreme psychic distress even in cases where you'd think a certain amount of roll-with-the-punches mental stoicism would be a prerequisite for the jobs they were after.
The underlying theology in the Stations assumed that Jesus' purpose on earth was to suffer and die in order to save us from punishment for our sins, and that for us Jesus serves primarily as a model of the courage and stoicism with which we should meet our own deaths.
Evoking the sound of spirituals and seculars, Brown allows these songs with all of their remembered stoicism and irony to transport the listener from the past to the present: