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a cheap cigar


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8220;Winning the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is a true source of pride for the entire team at Cork & Stogie and we'd like to thank all of our past guests who took the time to complete a review on TripAdvisor,” said Leslie Bevens, Owner at Cork & Stogie.
BEIRUT: Simply from the way one cuts and lights their stogie, the trained eye can tell whether the smoker is an amateur or true cigar aficionado.
He tells of Gene's attempts to hide alcohol on his breath by eating a Mississippi white onion and of a disgusted manager flinging a stogie against the clubhouse wall and becoming even angrier when he realizes it is one of his good ones.
LOUNGING IN A SOFT LEATHER RECLINER AFTER ALONG day, a single malt scotch or port in one hand and a premium, hand-rolled stogie slowly smoldering in the other is Nirvana for many cigar lovers.
Somewhere in heaven that night, Babe Ruth was probably sipping bourbon and puffing on a stogie, laughing his ample you-know-what off.
By this time, cigarettes had replaced the stogie as the smoke of choice, and despite the admonition, "Lips that touch tobacco will not touch mine," both sexes were puffing away.
Louis to the inability to procure a good stogie when she's downtown.
204), becomes the first to tie regular stogie use with coronary heart disease.
The right wing Europhobe press are busily building up Cameron as some kind of Winston Churchill figure - with bowler hat, stogie and V-sign.
Along with that, an Ontario provincial state tax of 8% is also imposed, which makes the total cost of that stogie $72.
The People's Governor recounted the remarkable policy breakthroughs that he has achieved simply by inviting Democratic leaders to "come by, light up a stogie and schmooze.
With about 700 people partying in a small space, part of the evening's fun lies in the glitterati rubbing elbows: Clint Eastwood conferring with George Lucas; Steven Spielberg smoking a stogie with Leonardo DiCaprio; Quincy Jones chatting with Eddie Murphy.
I already go out there to have a stogie now and then, 'cause you can't smoke inside any of Minnesota's public buildings.
I was also ticked off by the guy polluting the environment and contributing to the greenhouse effect with his 25-cent stogie.