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storeroom for storing goods and supplies used in a business

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Stockroom employees kit and load bins on the robots' top module shelving, using magnetic identification labels for each department.
He went back to his oce, and Janet entered and said there were rats in the stockroom, exactly as she had earlier.
Asbestos debris and dust accumulated on the floor of the stockroom but this was swept up dry.
The banned drugs were kept in a stockroom 100 metres from the pharmacy and hidden in the upper rack, he said.
The fire began in a stockroom of the sixth floor of the eight-storey building.
Riam Dean, who was born with her left forearm missing, claimed she was forced to work in the stockroom of the US firm's London store because she did not fit its strict "look" policy.
Riam Dean claims she was forced to work in the stockroom of the store because she did not fit its strict "look" policy.
A LAW student with a prosthetic arm has told an employment tribunal she "questioned her worth as a human being" after she was forced to work in the stockroom of US clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch, because she did not fit its strict "look policy".
They tunnelled through a 2ft-thick wall into a stockroom, where they grabbed 85 phones before escaping back out through the hole.
The dresses, which would normally sell for up to pounds 1,000, have been donated by White Lane in Coleshill following a downsize in stockroom space.
INOCART is a mobile bonded stockroom that can be moved throughout the plant.
Each of those employees, from stockroom clerks to top executives, has a vested interest in coming up with new designs.
The extra floorspace has been provided by converting a second floor stockroom.
Dismissing reports that this stockroom is now being readied to serve again as an additional emergency room, Ms.
When he was 19 and fresh out of the Navy, Brian Keene took a position as a stockroom clerk at RH Sheppard Co.