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accumulating and storing a reserve supply

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PRODUCTION AND STOCKPILING OF AGGREGATE in the vicinity of Asquith, Biggar, Eatonia, Elrose, Eston, Kerrobert, Macklin, Maidstone and Unity; for a TOTAL OF 16 STOCKPILES.
Wilgis (16) discussed the relative merits of central stockpiling of ventilators to be distributed during an emergency versus distributing ventilators to hospitals a priori.
The new model also features an updated, more user-friendly Wizard Touch automation control system, which allows for more stockpiling options and produces a higher-quality product.
But the governments of South Korea and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement on joint stockpiling of crude oil in this country.
In the event of a pandemic, no vaccines would be available for at least six months, but the federal government has been developing and stockpiling experimental ``pre-pandemic'' vaccines that could offer some level of immunity.
As with other influenza manufacturers participating in stockpiling efforts, Chiron has also submitted a "mock-up" file for pandemic influenza vaccine containing its MF59 adjuvant to the European Medicines Agency (EMEA).
A state-run liquefied petroleum gas stockpiling facility in Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture, received 44,000 tons of supply Friday from Saudi Arabia for the first time since being completed in July.
We also look forward to the technical assistance from Japan and South Korea for planning, establishing and managing oil stockpiling programs in the region,'' the statement said as the ministers hailed Japan's ''intention to provide financial assistance for feasibility studies for oil stockpiling.
This international treaty, to which more than 140 countries are parties, prohibits the development, production, stockpiling, acquisition or retention of biological and toxin weapons.
The state last month completed stockpiling smallpox vaccines for 2.
WASHINGTON -- Federal legislation that would require stockpiling of potassium iodide to prepare for potential terrorist attacks on nuclear facilities, as well as for accidents at nuclear plants, has the endorsement of the American Thyroid Association.
Since the 1940s, the federal government has been stockpiling chemical weapons in Tooele County.
In the video he recommended stockpiling food, medical supplies, sanitary equipment and matches, as well as guns and ammunition.
It bans stockpiling of antipersonnel mines and requires that parties to the treaty destroy existing stocks within four years.
Since the NPT came into effect in 1970, the United States has violated the treaty by developing new weapons, performing over 350 nuclear tests, and stockpiling thousands of weapons.