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a detailed list of all the items in stock

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Spookily, that's exactly where Monday Monday is set and his character Steven is the tastiest item on Butterworth's stocklist, being tussled over by his own boss (Holly Aird) and put-upon PA, Sally.
Champagne features prominently on Connolly's stocklist.
The firm added 150 more well-known brands to its stocklist during the year, including Bose, Whistles, Samsonite and Yves Saint Laurent, taking the total to more than 1,300 brands.
The "AS9120 Quality Management Systems, Aerospace Requirements for Stocklist Distributors" certification was developed for pass-through distributors of aerospace commodity items.
Because you have ignored your obligations under Regent Communications' by-laws and Delaware law, we are forced to file suit against you in the Delaware Court of Chancery for (1) refusing to call a special meeting of shareholders after a request had been made by more than 20% of the record shareholders of the Company and (2) refusing to provide us with all of the stocklist materials that we are entitled to receive under Delaware law.