stocking stuffer

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a small Christmas present included in the Christmas stocking

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Customers can look under the stocking stuffer category on the website and view items by the price.
is marketing a Chaps by Ralph Lauren gift set which includes a 1-ounce cologne and a 1-ounce aftershave, as well as the 1-ounce cologne sold individually as a stocking stuffer.
STOCKING STUFFER FOR KIDS: Budding chefs should have their own set of colorful silicone measuring tools so they'll be enthused about helping prepare favorite recipes.
Keep this in mind for a great holiday hostess gift or stocking stuffer.
Batteries make the perfect stocking stuffer to power all your electronic devices well into the New Year.
has an idea for a stocking stuffer, and it doesn't require substituting burgers and fries for the traditional holiday dinner.
Clothing is always a popular gift, and a great stocking stuffer to accompany that is Tide to Go.
and covered with wax make a fun hostess gift, gift basket item or stocking stuffer for the kids.
Perfect as a holiday stocking stuffer gift for friends and family.
Stocking Stuffer Ideas from the Shop with Style Founder
Whether gift givers are looking for the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer, a playful present for one of the eight nights of Chanukah or a treat to kick-start healthy brushing habits in the New Year, TOOTHTUNES is a fun gift for music lovers - and brushers - of all ages.
Additional gifts include Holiday Square Medallions, Christmas Coins Gift Bag, and Stocking Stuffer Squares.
These findings indicate that WonkaZoid (a new hand-held, refillable candy dispenser with a fun, one-of-a-kind video game) is an ideal stocking stuffer for the holiday season.
Talking beer opener: OK, so it's more like a stocking stuffer and certainly a conversation piece, but here's a little item that falls squarely into the category of pointless but essential.
Logitech's QuickCam Chat for Skype is a great stocking stuffer for those who want to take advantage of Skype's free video calling.