stockinette stitch

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knitting stitch having alternate rows of knit stitches and purl stitches, producing a fabric as for stockings

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With a pattern such as stockinette stitch, there is no noticeable difference between the two.
When working stockinette stitch in the round rather than back and forth in rows, knit every round; don't alternate between knit and purl rows.
When shaping the body, if a decrease will consume a stitch inside the marked section, move each marker 11 stitches toward the center (to next slipped column) and work the extra stitches outside the marker in stockinette stitch thereafter.
The sweaters range from simple to more complicated, with some all in one color, knitted in mostly stockinette stitch, and others that feature cables or colorwork.
When working neck shaping, if there are not enough stitches to pair each pattern yarnover with its matching decrease, work the extra stitches in stockinette stitch.
STANDARD YARN WEIGHT SYSTEM Standards and guidelines for crochet and knitting: categories of yarn, gauge ranges, and recommended needle and hook sizes 0 1 2 Yarn weight LACE SUPER FINE FINE symbol and category names Type of yarns Fingering 10 Sock, Sport, Baby in category count crochet Fingering, thread Baby Knit gauge 33-40 ** sts 27-32 sts 23-26 sts range * in stockinette stitch to 4 inches Recommended 1.