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knit used especially for infants' wear and undergarments


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Note: If you want to make this a woman's beanie-style hat, work just two rows of stockinette after the ribbing, and then start the colorwork.
With a pattern such as stockinette stitch, there is no noticeable difference between the two.
lignosellus populations in the field, including relationships among air temperatures and temperatures inside the shoots and in the soil where larvae feed, and the relative attractiveness of stockinette material versus plant tissue and the soil surface for oviposition.
stokes could only allude to the stockinette he had placed over the patient's arm and that he had covered her with draping.
Apply a stirrup, a minimum of cast padding over and around pressure points, and a stockinette.
A jacket of stockinette may help in many instances (Figure 13-9).
In many cases, supporting a clavicle fracture so it can heal involves fitting the child with a figure-eight bandage, a sling and swath, or a Velpeau sling improvised from stockinette.
It has a papier mache head covered in blonde human hair and a body of metal rods covered in stockinette material to resemble the appearance of human skin.
It was a big improvement to the World War I design, which featured a facepiece cut from flat stockinette, covered with rubber sheets, and painstakingly assembled by hand and a chin seam cemented, taped, and vulcanized (baked).
Judicious use of tape and camouflage that is lightweight and more flexible, such as stockinette, is recommended because it would help the child to better cope with the uncomfortable sensations that both of these can cause.
4 Before the stain dries, wipe over with an absorbent cloth - stockinette or an old piece of towelling is best.
Apply Apply a piece of stockinette from mid-tibia to stockinette.
Circular knitting means no sewing of seams and no purling for stockinette stitch.
Her composite socket was made of one layer of Dacron, six layers of Nyglass stockinette, two layers of carbon fiber weave, and two layers of nylon stockinette.
Each cage had a cotton stockinette access sleeve on the front, clear acrylic sides (for viewing), a sheet aluminum bottom, and window screen on the top and backsides.