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Synonyms for stockinet

knit used especially for infants' wear and undergarments


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Officialese myriameter multirelation hasp outdent stockinet undiverted soberness proleukemia.
IHSAN's business has expanded into a distinguished industrial group dealing in cotton waste, seamless knitted gloves, surgical bleached absorbent cotton, bleached cotton yarns, open-end autocoro yarns, mop rope, mops, wipers, stockinet and coarse count ring spun yarns to cater to the diversified needs of customers worldwide.
Work in rounds, keeping the top in ribbing and the bottom in stockinet until the length of the foot is two inches shorter than the foot that will be wearing this sock.
A rather amusing thing was the collection of animals and imitation cocoa-fiber at the mouth of the theater, round the ticket-booth--a kodiak bear on its hind legs, that kept nodding, and a nodding mustard yellow tiger with a cotton stockinet snake with red spots; about the size of two garden hoses looped careless round the body several times.
Now, 3M Scotchcast Wet or Dry padding and stockinet allow people wearing 3M fiberglass casts to maintain normal daily activities without protecting their casts from water.
Tenders are invited for Cuff Stockinet Nylon Og Width 6 Cm Specification: Best Trade Quality
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Hand Gloves, Stockinet, Sampling Tags And Bottle