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Synonyms for stock-taking

reappraisal of a situation or position or outlook

making an itemized list of merchandise or supplies on hand

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The stock-taking results were announced on December 8 at a press conference in which Defence Minister Peter Gajdos (coalition SNS nominee), Police Corps First Vice-president Jaroslav Malik, National Crime Agency (NAKA) director Peter Hrasko, Chief of the General Staff Milan Maxim and Military Police director Michal Migat took part.
Before implementing the RFID system, Decks spent up to 600 worker-hours for its annual stock-taking with 88% accuracy.
Stock-taking of monuments should be carried out in line with international standards and with participation of leading scholars and specialists.
In November 2013, Sunderland College teamed up with RGIS, a market leader in supply chain and stock-taking, to offer free preemployment training.
A COLLEGE student has secured a Norwegian placement with a leading stock-taking company.
Stock-taking by Governments is fine but twisting the facts is a desperate act by a Prime Minister digging his own political grave.
It says that taxable persons affected by the change of the standard VAT rate must -- on the eve of the VAT increase - go through a stock-taking of their business which includes a quantitative measurement and assessment.
Dubai The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced yesterday that all its customer service centres across Dubai will remain closed today to facilitate an annual stock-taking exercise.