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Synonyms for stock-taker

an employee whose job is to take inventory


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M&S bosses called in officers over suspicions money was going missing, while a stock-taker raised concerns over lost items and cash from the pub.
Ms Brooks, a stock-taker and auditor who lives in Coleshill Road, Marston Green, said the saga began after 15-year-old Annabella moved from a Shropshire boarding school to a comprehensive in December 2005.
I was accepted for training two years ago, but after six weeks I was injured with shin splints,' said the 19-year-old who currently works as a stock-taker.
At the Birmingham Police Court yesterday, before Aldermen Clayton and Baker, Thomas Bolton, public house stock-taker, was summoned for neglecting his two children aged 12 and four in a manner likely to cause them unnecessary suffering.
The Western-oriented Zsigmond Moricz (1879-1942), the Hungarian Balzac with a Zolaesque tilt, a prolific, quintessential realist and passionate crusader for social justice, was, in effect, the stock-taker of the treasures of a defeated people.