stock trader

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someone who buys and sells stock shares

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Securities attorneys see easy billable hours when transactional stock trader customer complaints pop up.
Allen plays a workaholic New York stock trader who's forced to go down to the Amazon jungle to sign some divorce papers with his long-gone ex-wife, whereupon he discovers he has a son he never knew about.
Garriton is currently a stock trader with the firm.
Russell drives a car, has skied, loves attending Lakers, Kings and Dodgers games, holds down a job as a stock trader - and hones his tennis game.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 6 (ANI-NewsVoir): CSB House, India's leading stock broking company, announced the launch of SIC Robo, the first-of if its-kind free mobile app which is powered by Artificial Intelligence for stock traders.
Alfonso's office confirmed that he will be in Mumbai on October 7th and in Bengaluru next October 14th, conducting live workshops for stock traders and the members of the extended community of investors.
Mizuho Financial Group Inc has hired US stock traders from Credit Suisse Group AG (NYSE: CS) as part of expansion activities in the US, according to Bloomberg.
Stock traders told Petra that Jordan began its war on terrorism earlier too by joining the international coalition to fight the Daesh terrorist group.
Vienna stock traders said though, that not many investors would be ready to make purchases on the market today.
Volatility is expected to increase once Japanese stock traders resume their activities at 23:00 EST.
Many dealers may have stayed away in London but the North East's fantasy stock traders put in the time and saw their investments grow with the top player of the 640-plus online now just short of turning his initial pounds 100,000 virtual investment into pounds 300,000.
Paulson urged Congress to quickly enact the rescue plan but lawmakers brushed aside the plan as ineffective, spawning a sense of uncertainty among stock traders over the future course of the market.
A product developed by professional stock traders for other stock traders, the HandTrader avails online traders with access to NASDAQ Level II information, stock market alerts, instant confirmations and 24/7 trading capabilities.
Consequently, it is conceivable that the tax authorities might reconsider the tax treatment of frequent stock traders.
Wavelet techniques can be used to distinguish, in real time, the components pointing to short- and long-term stock traders," he says.