stock trader

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someone who buys and sells stock shares

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com/Stock-Chat which allows the stock trader to easily browse the recent chat message by the trader's handle or by the stock symbol that was being talked about.
PHOTO Jerry Russell, a stock trader who lives in Tarzana, i s entered in the Woodland Hills Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament this week.
The company is the brainchild of veteran stock trader Bill Poulos and his son Greg.
Stock traders told Petra that Jordan began its war on terrorism earlier too by joining the international coalition to fight the Daesh terrorist group.
OTC Markets: GPIW), an established provider of data and analytics of horse racing information in Japan, will be a featured guest in an exclusive interview on Stock Traders Talk today, November 4[sup.
US Session Key Developments Low Flying Jet Rattles Stock Traders Health Stocks Get Boost on Swine Flu Outbreak Volatility Jumps 4.
Summary: Indian Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev urged stock traders in Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE to work for self and country to help beat current economic recession.
A product developed by professional stock traders for other stock traders, the HandTrader avails online traders with access to NASDAQ Level II information, stock market alerts, instant confirmations and 24/7 trading capabilities.
Consequently, it is conceivable that the tax authorities might reconsider the tax treatment of frequent stock traders.
If TNT's Wall Street drama is titled ``Bull,'' then ``The $treet,'' Fox's sudsy yarn about stock traders and their very busy genitalia, should be called ``Bare.
Stock traders, however, apparently paid as much attention to a Financial Accounting Standards Board decision on research and development costs as to Greenspan's testimony, boosting technology stocks and giving the Nasdaq composite index its second straight gain - 0.
About Stock Traders Talk: Stock Traders Talk Radio is a centralized portal for investors.
Stock traders are increasingly worried that rising inflation will prompt the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, leading to higher corporate borrowing costs and lower profits.
PINKSHEETS: DNYS), a full service Luxury Transportation and Limousine firm covering the southeast United States, will be featured tonight on Stock Traders Talk Radio in an exclusive one our interview with C.
message board and then to other sites frequented by stock traders, who quickly bid up PairGain's stock by more than 30 percent.