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storeroom for storing goods and supplies used in a business

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After finding the last available marrow was in poor condition, an assistant went to check the stock room and bought our shopper a fresh one.
Some staff are regularly taking breaks to the staff room, toilets, stock room and even the shop floor to carry out these scandalous activities," the source said.
Our printing works were behind the shop and if female shop staff went through the works to the stock room, the men would often say silly remarks or slap our bums.
Ms Malone said: "The stock room floor was four inches deep and we could not use the kitchen or toilets all day.
5 hours every day in the shop's second-floor stock room, where the walls had been sprayed with materials that included blue asbestos.
A MYSTERY chocoholic stunned staff by marching into a store and clearing the shelves and stock room of 10,656 Mars bars.
Attorneys and plaintiffs then lashed out against the New Albany, Ohio- based company Tuesday during a news conference in Los Angeles, saying it assigned minorities to stock room jobs while white employees got sales positions, citing stores in Canoga Park and Glendale in particular.
The man entered the Co-op in Whitchurch Road and made his way into the stock room.
At Marshall and Pearson's store in Fort William, a robin has taken to perching on the surround of an electric fire in the stock room.
They are so spooked they will only venture up to the third floor stock room if they are accompanied by at least one colleague.
Description: Position focuses on the retail and customer services areas including retail merchandising, golf instruction, locker room operations, retail stock room operations, driving range services, member and customer service event administration and other golf-related activities.
0 users now have the option to share their store, using Checkout with multiple cash registers in the store front, managing their store from their office, and dealing with inventory in the stock room, all at the same time.
Experienced long-term staff, 10 style stations, 2 pedicure stations, nail stations, fascial and wax room, fully loaded stock room, washer/dryer area, and nicely appointed front display area.
Emma Hall, prosecuting on behalf of Birmingham City Council, said: "There were old rat droppings on shelving in the stock room and a distinct odour of rotting food coming from storage racks, where food was found to be decomposing.
Bangee said he would encourage customers to think of the depot as their stock room.