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storeroom for storing goods and supplies used in a business

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The Wales shirts, dating back to the 1980s, discovered in Cardiff Sport Gear's stock room
Service at Waitrose Horley was good, with some staff checking the stock room and others demonstrating good stock knowledge, but a smile goes a long way and this was lacking at times.
An investigation by Natori's team showed asbestos detected in the air of the stock room was five or 10 times denser than the amount of asbestos in the atmosphere.
The system uses powered conveyors and vertical lifts to deliver products from the basement stock room to the sales associates on the shop's selling floor.
Attorneys and plaintiffs then lashed out against the New Albany, Ohio- based company Tuesday during a news conference in Los Angeles, saying it assigned minorities to stock room jobs while white employees got sales positions, citing stores in Canoga Park and Glendale in particular.
At Marshall and Pearson's store in Fort William, a robin has taken to perching on the surround of an electric fire in the stock room.
Description: Position focuses on the retail and customer services areas including retail merchandising, golf instruction, locker room operations, retail stock room operations, driving range services, member and customer service event administration and other golf-related activities.
0 users now have the option to share their store, using Checkout with multiple cash registers in the store front, managing their store from their office, and dealing with inventory in the stock room, all at the same time.
Tenders are invited for Providing additional stock room to laddu counters
Philippine National Police Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Force spokesperson, said in a text message that the stock room of illegal drugs was reportedly owned by four Chinese nationals and four Filipinos, who remain at large.
Bangee said he would encourage customers to think of the depot as their stock room.
There is also a prep room, stock room, office, store strong room and kitchen area with toilets.
with an external security shutter, the first floor stock room with office and fitted sink, and ladies' and gents' WC.
Four people stormed the mobile phone store and attacked a security guard before forcing their way into the stock room.
During the robbery, four people attacked the store's security guard before raiding the stock room and fleeing in a black Volkswagen Golf.