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a power of attorney document to transfer ownership of a registered security from the owner to another party

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All stock power transmission belts manufactured by members of the RMA are made of materials compounded for good resistance to heat.
b) provide to Continental, along with the stock certificate and stock power, a written certificate addressed to Terra Nova and signed by the Converting Stockholder to the effect that: (i) the Converting Stockholder was a holder of record as of the Record Date for purposes of the special meeting of stockholders, (ii) the Converting Stockholder has held the shares the Converting Stockholder seeks to convert since the Record Date, (iii) the Converting Stockholder will continue to hold the shares through the closing date of the merger, and (iv) the Converting Stockholder wishes to convert his shares into a pro rata share of the trust account.
VIASPACE has also signed an irrevocable stock power to allow Mr.
2 million shares of the Company's common stock into a newly established escrow account with Continental Stock Transfer & Trust (the "Escrow Shares") along with an executed stock power in blank, pursuant to the escrow agreement.
The company's ubiquitous iPod personal music player has helped the stock power higher since the beginning of 2004.
After shareholders have executed a stock power or signed the back of their certificate the shares are to be deposited and held in street name by CEDE & Co.
All shareholders must either execute a stock power, or the back of the certificate, so the shares can be deposited in their accounts and traded.
A stock power similarly signed and guaranteed will also be acceptable.
It is simply a manner to replace the medallion guarantee, which, needs to be stamped on a stock power or certificate.
stock certificates, (ii) signed stock power with number of Shares in blank and power of attorney to complete such a transaction in the manner provided according to the Offer (iii) all and any other requisite documents evidencing ownership.
With just a few minor tweaks, an extra 10 horsepower and 10 lb-ft of torque was found for the stock power plant.
accessing and printing legal forms, such as Stock Power forms, which are needed to transfer shares of CMS stock.