stock issue

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(corporation law) the authorization and delivery of shares of stock for sale to the public or the shares thus offered at a particular time

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Most of the capital from the new stock issue would be used to develop the Xpeedium3, but also to intensify sales initiatives in different geographical areas.
Swedish network equipment developer SwitchCore AB said on Thursday (22 December) that its board of directors had decided to propose an Extraordinary General Meeting to carry out a new stock issue with preferential rights for the company's stockholders.
31 October 2011 - Russia's TransCreditBank said on Monday that it had postponed its additional stock issue worth RUB7.
Due to the Recent Activity and Increased Calls from Investors and Shareholders Alike, the Company Conducted an Interior Accounting of Its Total Stock Issue
The Company has completed an accounting of its total stock issue this week and management has decided to disclose the results to the public in this press release form.