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By changing this measurement date, the value of the acquirer stock is known and, thus, the measurement can be determined with certainty.
368-1(e)(2)(ii)(B), any modification of an otherwise binding contract that relates to the amount or type of consideration to be paid to the target shareholders will generally establish a new binding contract date and a new date for measuring COI, unless: (1) the sole effect of the modification is to increase the shares of acquirer stock to be used as consideration in the transaction; and (2) absent the modification, the COI requirement would have been met had the transaction closed on the modification date.
This includes capping the amount of company stock an individual can hold, making company matching contributions in cash rather than stock or, if matching is done with company stock, letting employees immediately diversify.
The fair value method requires an issuer to recognize compensation for employee stock options as employees perform services to earn those options.
NOTING DETAIL: With what does President Hoover compare playing the stock market?
Selling covered equity call options is probably most appropriate for investors who can and will sell their stock at the option's strike price and who want the opportunity to enhance their income from a stock position.
A few years ago," says Arinwine, "I was almost entirely invested in stock funds.
Many people who think they have little in the way of disposable income may have considerable stock holdings that they've acquired through inheritance or regular contributions to a mutual fund.
Their worst stock is Dell, on which they lost $2,162.
In addition, the extent to which NQPS will be treated as property other than stock under the Code should be clarified.
The above discussion on the effect of rubber stock scorch time on adhesion may lead to the inference that going to a higher temperature, faster cure of natural rubber stocks, particularly without the inclusion of SBR in the compound, may result in reduced adhesion.
Profits of Japanese corporations increased very strongly--9V2 percent per year in 1987 and 1988--but stock prices rose at a much faster rate.
Occasionally, warnings are heard in the newsabout stock index futures and their relationship to computerized "program trading," usually when the stock market's euphoria is interrupted by a brief plunge, like the 116-point dive it took in 71 minutes on January 23.
Under the agreement, the London Stock Exchange and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange will establish a series of regular meetings between senior executives and agree to exchange information, in order to facilitate orderly trading in the shares of companies admitted to both markets.