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being or having a random variable

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In particular, the cumulative distribution of the estimated switching thresholds for a larger group (T4) first-order stochastically dominates that for a smaller group (T1).
xy] it's possible as in the case of Greece to test (5)-(7) whether the features observed are stochastically linearly independent.
The existing methods of stochastically informed expertise (Rutkauskas 2012b), the techniques of stochastic optimization as well as the methods of stochastic evaluation of losses incurred by the environmental or social components, allow expecting for the success.
In the following numerical analysis, assets and liabilities are both modeled stochastically.
In the first part of the calculation, all random variables are treated as stochastically independent.
The job loss shock arrives stochastically with a constant hazard rate [lambda]> 0.
The YRS assay thus is likely to have greater utility for quantifying cffDNA at very low concentrations when the absolute copy numbers of SRY and DYS14 sequences are insufficient and fluctuate stochastically.
Although cell response to micrometer topography and in particular surface microgrooves has been reported, studies have often been limited to using stochastically patterned substrata and covering only a small range of microgroove geometrical values and the influence of this interesting microgeometry on the main osteoblast specific transcription factor Cbfa1 has been ignored.
Experimental animal grouping: The 109 Wistar rats were stochastically divided into the following groups: normal group (7 rats); an ulcerative colitis model group (21 rats with 5 deaths); a physiologic saline/negative control group (21 rats, 10 deaths); the Xipayi KuiJiean large dose intervention group (19 rats, 7 deaths); the medium dose intervention group (20 rats, 5 deaths); and the small dose intervention group (21 rats, 5 deaths).
Each individual's fit in a particular population is evaluated; multiple individuals are stochastically selected (based on their fit) and modified (recombined and randomly mutated) to form a new population.
The obvious consequence of the previous considerations is the need of transmitting several broadcast packets per control cycle from each vehicle, choosing stochastically the instants of transmission and updating the information contained in each packet as much as possible because nobody knows what packets will be successfully received and what will collide.
The 50-[micro]m size observed likely represents the median outcome of a range of larval survivorship probabilities, each selecting for relatively larger or smaller eggs, imposed stochastically over multiple generations.
In general, for a deteriorating system, it is reasonable to assume that the successive working times are stochastically decreasing while the consecutive repair times after failures are stochastically increasing, due to the ageing and accumulated wearing many systems.
System consists of a combination of cyclically recurring processes in each period of processing and the stochastically emerging events.
Several notations other than the means and dispersion of distributions are recently employed to stochastically compare two r.