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being or having a random variable

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In Panel B of Table II, we use stochastically detrended aggregate relative effective bid-ask spread, LRES_SD, as an alternative illiquidity measure and find qualitatively similar results.
Before obtaining domain knowledge, stochastically select one gene position of the same probability; otherwise, according to the probability offered by domain knowledge, randomly choose one gene position.
Assume that the speed of each moving car is always changed at every time steps stochastically, and it depends on traffic rules, car performance, traffic flow and driver effects.
In actuality, the latitude Wikipedia claims to offer is stochastically controlled, defined by the information users want as opposed to that which is unimportant.
We calculated 95% CIs by using a multiple imputation and bootstrapping routine, in which we first stochastically imputed missing or inconsistent symptom onset times and then resampled observations with replacement (online Technical Appendix).
As described by Eberhart and Kennedy, the PSO algorithm is an adaptive algorithm based on a social-psychological metaphor a population of individuals (referred to as particles) adapts by returning stochastically toward previously successful regions.
The paper argues for the value of using stochastically generated mortality rates based on historical levels of mortality rate volatility to examine potential changes in the probability of a combined life and annuity business.
The difference between the traditional and the stochastic breakup model is that the KH breakup time model constant is determined dynamically and stochastically according to local flow conditions in the stochastic model.
Therefore, dynamic reliability indices of auto-systems may be fined using failure modelling of their stochastically dependent components.
7] More research is required locally to understand patterns of mtDNA variation in black African groups so that a judicious assessment can be made when attempting to distinguish those mutations that are associated with mtDNA disease from those that have evolved stochastically over time.
The GA stochastically searches for a solution in the entire solution space that minimizes the following objective function
System (1) is stochastically stable if the solution to system (1) for w(t) = 0 satisfies E{[[integral].
The sophisticated systems that attack the problem statistically, stochastically and in hybrid are becoming the industry trend.