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a variable quantity that is random

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That is to say, these work regard trust as stochastic variable, but has not taken into consideration the time dependence of trust.
Based on the discussions above, a detailed cognition process of the nonlinear tire lateral force is studied in this paper and a sideslip angle perception model described by a gauss stochastic variable Z is proposed as Equation (5), whose mean [[alpha].
It follows that the cumulants of the stochastic variable X([theta]) are given by
Rainfall and the international market price of sorghum are taken as stochastic variables with the nature of their uncertainty described by a probability distribution.
The next step is to assign appropriate probability distributions to each of these stochastic variables.
Table 1 Parameter Estimates for the Stochastic Variable Cost Frontier Asymptotic Parameter Estimate t-Statistic Parameter [[alpha].
On the other hand, there are some situations in which two stochastic variables x and y are connected through a probabilistic relationship, when, for example, we know that the probability of x, and y depends on the repartition law, being dependent by x.
The values of Jcfor both stochastic variables modeled in Table 2 already contain their values with adjustments for risk neutrality (therefore: [bar.
N be complex stochastic variables and suppose that the real quantities [x.
In direct PB methods, the safety reserve of a structure is described by stochastic variables (Holicky et al.
Both the productivity of the asset and consumption are assumed to be known, whereas the capital gain on the asset and the interest are stochastic variables that are negatively correlated.
Two stochastic variables were implemented into the model: (1) demand and (2) lead time.
Clearly, a marketrisk component to the volatility in underfunding exists; this is why models of pension insurance typically portray equity returns and interest rates as key stochastic variables.
Suppose that all firms' decision variable outputs are stochastic variables, and the combined probability distribution function of all firms' output G(q) can be determined by means of the market investigation and statistical analysis.