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being or having a random variable

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Pricing results in the sample case using deterministic, probabilistic and stochastic methods vary widely:
Portier says the mathematics become more difficult when moving from the continuous deterministic approach to the stochastic approach.
Researchers in Germany achieved the first laboratory demostration of stochastic resonance in 1983, finding evidence for the effect in the behavior of an electronic system known as a Schmitt trigger.
The author uniquely unites different types of stochastic, queueing, and graphical networks that are typically studied independently of each other.
The main advantage of stochastic models is that they can deal with certain risks - especially investment and mortality risks - in a relatively rigorous fashion.
Although these results appear dramatic, they should not be surprising to those leading variable annuity writers who are following NAIC developments and have been conducting internal stochastic modeling of their variable annuity business,' said Jeff Mohrenweiser, Senior Director, Fitch and co-author of Fitch's criteria report.
thesis topic and his research at the University of Illinois set the foundation for Berkeley Design Automation's breakthrough stochastic nonlinear circuit analysis technology.
A single source of knowledge designed to help resolve any question in the area of stochastic volatility
In addition, today's market could afford traders a nice entry spot to decrease holdings or enter new "short" positions, as indicated by the stock's newest short-term stochastic figures.
Advances in stochastic modeling now offer insurers new ways to understand and manage volatile market conditions, according to consulting firm Tillinghast - Towers Perrin (Tillinghast).
And, SUNW's oscillating stochastic chart implies the stock is set up to move lower.
SUNW traders may wish to note that short-term stochastic signals argue that the stock price is at levels commonly associated with pull-backs.
A technical reading of the stocks's most current short-term stochastic figure causes us to believe that the stock is about to change direction soon.