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being or having a random variable

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the double sample mean T test and the bootstrap method, the stochastic dominance theory is just a comparison of cumulative distribution functions of random variables based on the expected utility theory, which avoids many restrictive assumptions, features relatively good applicability and generality, and thus is a distribution-free method.
In this book, author Ren<AEe> Carmona presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the stochastic analysis tools that play an increasing role in the use of probability in approaches to optimization and analysis of problems.
Stochastic pricing, on the other hand, uses Monte Carlo techniques to repeatedly simulate insured lifetimes from which a distribution of policy outcomes is created.
According to Flint Ink, stochastic screening sparked a lot of interest when it was first introduced.
In a stochastic model, you follow the individual cells and work with the probability of a cancer occurring," Portier explains.
The concept of stochastic resonance emerged in 1981, when a group of Italian researchers proposed the idea to explain why ice ages seem to occur every 100,000 years or so.
Combining techniques from stochastic processes and graph theory to analyze the behavior of networks, Fundamentals of Stochastic Networks provides an interdisciplinary approach by including practical applications of these stochastic networks in various fields of study, from engineering and operations management to communications and the physical sciences.
They use stochastic techniques for certain elements of the analysis, such as investment performance and mortality, but they don't take into account other kinds of risks or variations in life, such as future income tax laws or having a child or grandchild move back home as a dependent," noted Still River President, Chuck Yanikoski.
AIR's physical-stochastic approach combines NWP and stochastic techniques in a new way," said Dr.
AIR is the first to apply this technique to develop a stochastic catalog of potential storms that insurers can use to estimate winter storm losses.
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings has developed a stochastic model to analyze capital requirements for U.
The company's technology, based on research conducted by the founders at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Illinois, is uniquely able to characterize the nonlinear, stochastic, time-varying behavior of complex analog and RF circuits.
A single source of knowledge designed to help resolve any question in the area of stochastic volatility
In addition, today's market could afford traders a nice entry spot to decrease holdings or enter new "short" positions, as indicated by the stock's newest short-term stochastic figures.