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the ermine in its brown summer coat with black-tipped tail

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Top flies have been Orange Ally's Shrimp and Silver Stoats Tail.
A stoat fits his description: small head, long body and a trailing tail.
My favourite is the stoat, that was an adrenaline rush, a real 'punch the air' moment.
It's not a fox, or a stoat, as they would undoubtedly want the chickens as well as the eggs," he said.
A STOAT had a lucky escape after it got stuck in the front grille of a sports car for a 30-mile journey, the RSPCA said.
It started off with him describing a stoat as a "sweet and tender hooligan," before turning to co-star Kate Humble during a link and responding to her question with: "You just haven't earned it yet, baby.
So, if you catch a glimpse of a lithe furry creature disappearing into a hole or crevice, or dashing across a road, you've probably seen a stoat .
Dave Jagodowski, of Cumnock, Ayrshire, spotted this stoat and his dinner in Glen Muirshaw.
Ermine is the white winter fur of the stoat, which has been used to trim the crowns, ceremonial hats and robes of European royalty, aristocrats, judges and popes for centuries.
Jackson County Farmers Market Where: Parallel to Mill Stoat, more commonly referred to as Buck Street by the locals.
Little dark flies such as black shrimps, black stoat tails, or silver stoats are particularly good.
For us early morning dog walkers, the sight of deer, stoat, woodpecker, kingfisher, heron and hedgerows full of finch is not uncommon.
A STOAT had a lucky escape after he got stuck in the front grille of a sports car for 30 miles, the RSPCA has revealed.
I can't leave the house at the moment without a hot water bottle strapped to my midriff and a big hat made from the pelt of a stoat or some other furry forest-dwelling creature.