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the ermine in its brown summer coat with black-tipped tail

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These results take us closer to our goal of Predator Free 2050 by proving that outstanding outcomes are achieved when you kill predators by using aerial 1080 over large areas of inaccessible landscapes to knock back stoat numbers, backed up with traps.
Pine martens look similar to a ferret or stoat, but are significantly larger, and sport a bushy tail.
Heavy beech seeding means more food for rats, and triggers an increase in their numbers which in turn causes a spike in stoat numbers, increasing the threat to our most vulnerable native species.
A LUCKY stoat survived being hit by a BMW - followed by a 32-mile journey at 70mph wedged in its front grille.
The relatively high temperatures we'veenjoyed this week contrast oddly with a report from a reader who spotted what he thought was a stoat in ermine in the dunes near Formby's old tobacco dump.
Former Labour Northern Ireland spokesman Roger Stott - who Barry invariably called Stoat - was reminiscing about flying with him to meetings of the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary body.
Again the severe winter weather was the backdrop for Tim's picture of a stoat, partly in its seasonal ermine coat.
A LUCKY stoat survived being hit by a BMW - followed by a 50-km journey at 110kph wedged in its front grille.
Peter Taylor landed a 9lb 8oz salmon and a 5lb sea-trout on a Black Stoat pattern.
Down: 1 Colossal, 2 Art, 3 Stoat, 4 Wolfram, 5 Game, 6 Rani, 7 Post, 11 Elan, 12 Tour, 13 Shepherd, 15 Loafers, 18 Locum, 19 Sale, 20 Carp, 21 Purr, 24 Awe.
What name is given to a stoat in its white presence of low-level nimbus clouds?
SCIENTISTS have discovered there is nothing more Irish than the humble stoat.
stoat mothe once they a We tend to let the stoat mother raise her young and, once they are old enough, we catch them in traps and release them in the wild.
A PENSIONER suffered serious wounds to his face after being attacked by a stoat as he slept.
They want members of the public to help with the North East leg of the Great North Pine Marten Pursuit, which aims to help conservationists find out more about the animals, which are relatives of the otter, mink, badger, stoat and weasel.