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joining or attaching by stitches

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Before stitching, it's helpful to baste your applique shapes in place using water-soluble glue.
Some machines have variable needle positions that allow for stitching in tricky areas (1).
After the stitching is done, choose some fabric for the backing material.
X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch " is highly recommended for stitchers of all abilities ranging from absolute beginners looking to learn a new craft to experienced embroiderers and cross stitchers who want to do something different in cross stitching.
According to rates demanded by tailors per cloth stitching start from Rs 600 to Rs 900.
I strung the bunches on a deerskin thong attached to the rawhide and sewed the bunches down with a stitch between each bunch, precisely the same as you do when stitching down a line of beads in overlay beadwork.
Each jewelry project receives a full-page color photo of the finished project, numerous smaller color photos illustrating step-by-step methods, and materials lists that place all required stitching tools in hand.
In the illustrated pages of "Layer, Paint and Stitch: Create Textile Art Using Freehand Machine Embroidery And Hand Stitching" Wendy deftly guides the reader through an inventive style of needlecraft from piecing and layering fabrics, to creating textures, to painting and embellishing with hand and machine stitching.
X Stitch as a way of showcasing contemporary embroidery from around the world, challenging the common paradigm that stitching is just for little old ladies.
When stitching, align raw eges of fabric with tape.
A new generation of stitchers, from as young as an 11-year-old to a seaman in his 30s, has been stitching and sewing and mimicking patterns and reproducing renowned paintings.
The book is a stress-free, encouraging, and educational guide to creative free-form hand stitching, one that covers the basics while showing how they can be bent to suit any project.
The purple sample is a great option for a sleeve update because the pieces are constructed much like a hand-knit sweater, and the sleeves can be removed by undoing the seam stitching (photo A).
Step-by-step stitching instructions and black-and-white diagrams guide the needlecrafter through the process, and a four-page "Getting Started" introduction will teach novices how to use a needle in no time.
Gooseberry Patch Stitching for the Kitchen offers a set of stitching projects teaching how to stitch aprons, casserole covers, tea cozies, hot pads and napkins, and is a fine pick for any looking to blend gift-giving stitching projects with kitchen-specific, useful items.