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needlework on which you are working with needle and thread

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The lips are quiet, but the mind whirs away, exploring and wandering as needle takes on fabric and mind pieces together its own mental adventure in the midst of all the stitchery.
The people responsible for the shoes are highly-skilled craftsmen, injection mold specialists, or masters in stitchery.
The mental state and discipline needed to produce the laborious, meticulous, painstaking stitchery required for the making of watertight kamiks (boots) are not evident in Irene's work.
Later I went outside to watch the explosions down the coast: a stitchery of flame in gold, red, white, sound reverberating a few seconds after flaring light, the way thunder lags behind lightning.
The Spade program, for example, includes one polka dot pattern, one pattern of brightly colored concentric circles around the rim and a third with the look of black stitchery.
MEMBERS of North Shields Embroiderers' Guild will be putting on an impressive show of stitchery at Christ Church Parish Centre, Preston Road, North Shields, from 2pm-4pm on Saturday.
Rick Beaver's and Maxine Noel's first needlepoint designs have recently appeared in retail outlets across the country, marketed by Ourheirlooms, a creative stitchery enterprise owned by Ann Wilson of Metcalfe.
Aimed at children interested in trying some classic stitching skills, Learn to Crochet will help them fashion a purse and necklace pouch; Learn to Embroider uses hoops with lace and floss to make a stitchery sampler featuring old-fashioned or contemporary designs; Learn to Quilt, which includes quilt batting and stuffing, lets them make pillows with calico squares or triangles; Learn to Latch Hook has all the makings of a 16" x 16" rug; and Cool Wool--Make Your Own Felt instructs how to sew a hat, pillow, or purse after making felt from raw wool batt.
It offers books on left-handed stitchery, left-handed sewing, and left-handed guitar-playing as well as other instructional topics.
Needles, also gendered through their use in various forms of stitchery, from sewing to knitting, have an equally colorful history, although the non-gender-specific association of hypodermic needles with violence tends to be a phenomenon of the twentieth century, where the notion of"sharing needles" does not evoke the sewing club of yore.
The third course on offer is Traditional Indian Stitchery, in which tutor Biddy Finch will show people how to examine stitching techniques in antique Indian garments.
At one time it was cross-stitch, then again, hobnail stitchery became very popular.
Nonetheless, despite these "inconvenient working conditions, some of them manage to successfully survive as both respected professors and established artists who never fail to deliver intriguing work in weaving, tapestry, basketry, stitchery, embroidery, handmade felt, papermaking, and so on, with brilliant ideas and mixed techniques.
Shoe factories closed, but new electronic or stitchery businesses opened in the 1960s and 1970s.
Orlin examines the potentially subversive representations of women's stitchery on the stage in a number of early modern plays.